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August 10, 2006

Terror Arrests In Dearborn Michigan

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Yes, it's Dearborn Michigan in the news about terrorism again. And for you feel good "hate everything (about Bush and the war ogainst radical Islam) Bush lied, soldiers died" voters in Conecticut that swallowed hook lyin and sinker the bright shiny object Lamont was dangling in front of them, the easy peace, all glittery and yours for the asking, that are waking up from their gauzy dream this morning and remembering what Joe Lieberman stands for - Dearborn Michigan is in the United States.

Today's news on Dearbornistan has it that two Muslims from Dearborn Michigan have been charged with supporting terrorism. These "alleged, freedom-loving (sic), American Muslims" had airplane passenger lists and security information in their possession when arrested--and 12 untraceable disposable cell phones, out of 600 they had purchased recently: Michigan Men Charged In Ohio With Supporting Terrorism. (Hat tip: Little Green Footballs)

MARIETTA, Ohio -- Investigators in southeast Ohio said they were working to unravel how two Michigan men charged with supporting terrorism came to have airplane passenger lists and airport security information.

Osama Sabhi Abulhassan, 20, and Ali Houssaiky, 20, both of the Detroit suburb of Dearborn, were being held at the Washington County Jail on $200,000 bond each, which could be raised at a Thursday afternoon court hearing. Each was charged Wednesday with money laundering in support of terrorism.

Deputies stopped the two on a traffic violation Tuesday and found the flight documents along with $11,000 cash and 12 phones in their car, Sheriff Larry Mincks said.

It wasn't clear what significance the airline information might have. Assistant County Prosecutor Susan Vessels declined to comment on whether the manifests were for upcoming flights or those that already had flown. She also would not give the origin or destination of the flight or flights.

FBI spokesman Mike Brooks in Cincinnati said his office was investigating.

Abulhassan and Houssaiky admitted buying about 600 phones in recent months at stores in southeast Ohio, said sheriff's Maj. John Winstanley. They sold the phones to someone in Dearborn, Winstanley said. Vessels declined to say how the phones, cash or flight information involved terrorism.

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What I Saw in Dearbornistan

Posted by Richard at August 10, 2006 1:08 PM

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