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August 7, 2006

Reuters Withdraws All Hajj Photos

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

AS has been reported all over the blogosphere and cable news (after bloggers caught it), Reuters photographer, Adnan Hajj, has been caught manipulating his photos in Lebanon.

Via a 12:12 pm Eastern update at Michele Malkin: Rush Limbaugh ... "Reuters ought to be investigated. They should investigate themselves...The second doctored photo is a 'doozy'...Once again, as in the Dan Rather case, it was the blogosphere that brought this to light...It's devastating, folks...this is the tip of the iceberg, not just Reuters..."

Now there's more:

Reuters withdrew all 920 photographs by a freelance Lebanese photographer from its database on Monday after an urgent review of his work showed he had altered two images from the conflict between Israel and the armed group Hizbollah.
More at Michele Malkin.

Posted by Richard at August 7, 2006 2:47 PM

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