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August 24, 2006

Ominous Ties to al Qaeda Found in Gaza Kidnappings Of Fox Journalist And Cameraman

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In our earlier post today on the kidnapping we said that although none of us want to even think about the likely outcome if al-Qaeda is involved, it does appear likely that we are looking at a Abu Musab al Zarqawi - type group, and there is a potential here for a terribly tragic outcome (check out this 2005 DEBKAfile article, and especially here).

Many other blogs such as Jawa Report, Riehl World view, and others, have also softly mentioned the possible Zarqawi-type group/al-Qaeda connection in posts, and more loudly in private emails back and forth to each other. Now, Rusty Shackleford at Jawa Report, has posted information that comes pretty close to settling the matter in "More Ties to al Qaeda Found in Gaza Kidnappings":

The Global Islamic Media Front today released a copy of the Steve Centanni & Olaf Wiig hostage video in an internet posting. Along with the video, the al Qaeda propoganda production and distribution outlet also released photos of persnonal IDs found on the hostages, and a copy of the statement faxed to two Arab media outlets yesterday. The posting was made at an Islamist forum with ties to al Qaeda.

The fact that it was the Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) that released these artifacts is very bad news. The group is an al Qaeda mouthpiece that generally distributes high-production value propaganda pieces.

The fact that the GIMF was not involved in the initial production of the video is a sign that the "Holy Jihad Brigades" is exactly as I feared: part of al Qaeda 3.0. What this means is that they are an al Qaeda inspired jihad gang, not directly under the control of the terror organization, but which is connected through a worldwide network of radical Salafists--most importantly through the internet.

More importantly, if they have made a connection with GIMF then it is likely that they see Abu Musab al Zarqawi as a source for inspiration. Zarqawi is infamous for popularizing the beheading murders of his hostage victims.

Continue reading to learn more on the importance of Steve Centanni's Congressional press pass and why the terrorist kidnappers believe that his life can be used as leverage to pressure the US government (clue in the above image)

Dan Riehl is also covering the story today - here yesterday.

Posted by Richard at August 24, 2006 5:07 PM

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