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August 27, 2006

Navy Debuts Its Newest Nuclear-powered Submarine

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The biggest improvement is the ability to travel with a small special forces submarine, and nine Navy SEALS instead of only three.
texas826.jpgThe Navy debuted its newest nuclear-powered submarine Friday, to become the USS Texas, in an Atlantic Ocean swing off the Florida coast, the second in the latest fast-attack class that marks a broad departure from the Cold War-era deterrence boats:
[...] The Texas, which will officially earn a "USS" designator in a commissioning ceremony in two weeks, weighs 7,800 tons, measures 377 feet long and can remain submerged on covert surveillance up to three months. It travels faster than 25 knots underwater and dives farther than 800 feet.

"It's much more effective than any ship I've been on before," said Capt. John Litherland, who has been on more than 50. "It's not the fastest, but the difference is that it's quiet even at its top speed."

Perhaps the biggest improvement is the ability to travel with a small special forces submarine, nine commandos and their gear. Previous subs would have carried only three Navy SEALS.

That kind of space is premium on a vessel designed to hide and spend most of its life underwater. Its maximum time submerged is limited only by the amount of food it can carry, because the boat generates its own power and oxygen.

... The boat carries sea-to-shore Tomahawk missiles, advanced capability Mark 48 torpedoes and mobile land mines. But one of its most critical missions is covert intelligence and surveillance.

I'm thinking I already know a good place to park this beauty - I'm also thinking Washington does too.

Update: Harry Owens provided some additional links in the forum for sourcesof information about new naval vessels and capabilities - here and here.

Moving on to other Iran news....

Posted by Richard at August 27, 2006 7:13 AM

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