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August 9, 2006

Nasrallah's Offer, Israel's Answer - A Disturbing Scenario

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

In the introduction we read: "Translated from the Hebrew article that appeared in the Israeli Maariv daily newspaper on the 1st of Av 5766 -- July 26, 06. Although the following imaginary scenario was written two weeks ago, it is becoming disturbingly more realistic everyday:

[...] Ahmadinejad has already sent the children of the Islamic revolution to blow up mine fields for him with the keys to the Garden of Eden dangling from their necks. Their mothers fought over who will send her son first. For Ahmadinejad, ten destroyed Iranian cities in exchange for the status of the modern day Salah-a-Din that uprooted the Jewish thorn from the Middle East is a great enticement. If there is one thing that we must learn from what is happening now it is that a pistol that appears in the first act of the Middle East drama will shoot before the end of the play. If Ahmadinejad will have a nuclear bomb -- he is going to use it."
Go read the "imaginary scenario" - you will indeed find it "disturbing." However, if you really think about it, you will realize that the scenario is likely to become very real.

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Posted by Richard at August 9, 2006 2:57 AM

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