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August 28, 2006

Militant Illegal Alien Activists Take Over U.S. Post Office By Removing American Flag And Hoisting Mexican Flag !!! (Updated)

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

Update: Flopping Aces has more commentary and additional images.

As the title implies, that's exactly what the act represents, and make no mistake about it. So why no MSM coverage? Why weren't these illegal alien militant bastards all put in jail? (Watch and listen to the video - you'll be PO'd too!)


In an act that has received zero attention over the weekend from the MSM, militant illegal alien activists marched onto a post office station in Maywood, Calif., and replaced the American flag with a Mexican flag while chanting anti-American epithets. Michelle Malkin comments on the below video: "this video gives a flavor of the confrontation. Note the lovely language and hand gestures of the pro-illegal reconquista crowd, who taunt the pro-law enforcement demonstrators as "illegal blue eyed devils" and "motherf**kers." But don't worry, we're told. This is just "fringe" (?):

More coverage at Freedom Folks and Lonewacko.

Michelle Malkin also has more, with additional links.

Posted by Richard at August 28, 2006 2:41 PM

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