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August 27, 2006

Kidnapped Fox News Journalists Freed

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

Latest: Swiss Info: Centanni said he and Wiig were forced to convert to Islam at gunpoint.

"I changed my name to Khaled. I have embraced Islam and say the word Allah," Centanni said.

Wiig called on leaders of the West to stop "hiding behind the 'I don't negotiate with terrorists' myth".

John Moody, a Fox senior vice president, said he was not aware of any conditions agreed for their release.

"I'm not sure about the reliability of what was said on that video. But they're safe and they're on their way out," Moody said on the Fox Channel.

From via Jawa Report:
Two Fox journalists kidnapped two weeks ago in Gaza have been released, according to the Palestinian news service Ramattan and Fox News.

The release came shortly after the broadcast of a video in which the journalists read statements saying they have embraced Islam with the Prophet Mohammed as their leader.

So, as a commenter at JR inquired, who released them, where were they released, and will the kidnappers be arrested if they haven't been already?

Earlier: New Videotape of Kidnapped Journalists in Gaza Released - A new videotape of two FOX journalists being held hostage in the Mideast was released Sunday, and a Hamas official said he hoped they would be released later in the day.

Forced to convert to Islam at gunpoint?

Posted by Richard at August 27, 2006 8:00 AM

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