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August 6, 2006

Katyushas Aimed at Civilians Rain Over Israel: A Hezbollah Victory! Israel Flattens Hezbollah Infrastructure: A Hezbollah Victory! Israel Exercises Self-Restraint and Halts Advance on the Ground: Another Hezbollah Victory!

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

One gets utterly sick of the way the Israeli offensive against Hezbollah has been played out in the media!!! It seems that no matter which way things may be going in the conflict, it always is in the opinion of the media pinheads a "Hezbollah Victory" even when Israel is blowing them up to smithereens!!!

Murderous Katyushas aimed at the civilian population rain over northern Israel: It's a "Hezbollah Victory"! Of course, in the eyes of the media, world opinion could not possibly condemn these "Jihadist Heroes" for purposely aiming their murderous rockets as "instruments of terror" at the civilian population; yet every single collateral civilian casualty of the Israeli bombardment gets full media attention, is blown out of all proportion, harped about, and even exaggerated as was the case with the 54 "civilian casualties" in Qana that turned out to be only 28!!!

Israel roots out Hezbollah from the villages along the southern border of Lebanon: It's a "Hezbollah Victory"! They claim that Israel's "aggression" and the displacement of all these mostly Shiite ( perhaps that should be spelled with one "i" and no "e") inhabitants of said villages, many of whom in actuality welcome Hezbollah, are Hezbollah, and fight for Hezbollah, will "alienate" them from Israel! As if for sixty years every suicide bomber mother's son of them hasn't wished Israel obliterated from the face of the earth and the Jews driven like lemmings into the Mediterranean sea and exterminated! One has to marvel at the twisted mentality of the people in the media to make the "alienation" of Israel in the eyes of the Arab terrorists, and the perceived "public opinion of Israel on the Arab street" an issue to be seriously considered by Israel!!!

Israel has flattened a considerable portion of the Hezbollah infrastructure, and yet these media morons keep telling us that because of wreaking so much havoc and destruction on the terrorists in Lebanon, Hezbollah is "winning popularity" amongst all those who hate Israel and America, as if appeasement has ever worked with these rabid dog Islamists! Give an Islamist an excuse to engage in irrational violence, murder and mayhem, such as a cartoon of Mohammed, or a bit of Koranic toilet paper, and they'll burn embassies, take people hostage, blow themselves up in public markets, and do all in their power to kill indiscriminately and be killed - and hurry on to hell to enjoy their "seventy two virgins"! There is no "winning of hearts" or "popularity" by Israel or America with such crowd, no matter what they do!!!

Israel advances aggressively on the ground: It's a "Hezbollah Victory" according to the media! They claim it will solidify Hezbollah's political power in the country they have "hijacked," Lebanon! If that is the case, then it seems that the Lebanese Christians, the Druize, and the Sunnis have eventually lost the Lebanese civil war, and that the current government we are all so concerned to "preserve" is but a "stooge" proxy for Hezbollah, which turns out won the "civil war" and in reality is ruling the country!!!

Israel shows restraint and holds itself from an all out assault of Lebanon wiping everything in its path until the Letani River: It's a "Hezbollah Victory" because "apparently" Hezbollah has managed to keep Israel at bay, as if Israel could not overrun the whole of Lebanon and make it into a wasteland befitting the Biblical "habitation for wild animals" in one fell swoop, which has never been its intention, even when it occupied Lebanon in the past!!! But leave it to the media to bring out the "pom-poms" and cheer the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon of six years ago, made in the interest of pursuing a comprehensive peace initiative in the region, as yet another, earlier, "Hezbollah Victory"!

True, that in the six years in which they were given time by the disastrous Clinton Administration, whose policy of retreat in the face of Islamic extremism - as in Somalia, the attacks on our embassies, and the Khobar Towers attacks - emboldened the terrorists to undertake 9/11 and by its unresponsiveness to terrorism was responsible for ushering in the present age we live in, Hezbollah with the assistance of Iran (another "Democratic" foreign policy blunder brought about by President Carter's withdrawal of support of the Shah, which made the "Iranian Islamist Revolution" possible!), and Syria, has been able to stockpile weapons, and dig itself in amidst the civilian population to use them as human shields! As with the extermination of any vermin, as anyone in the pest control business knows, Hezbollah is a tough infestation to root out! No one said it would be a stroll down the "Champs Élysées" for the Israelis, yet they have been extremely effective in neutralizing many aspects of Hezbollah so far, and would inflict even greater damage were they left to do what they do best: fight! While we in America and the "politically correct West" are left to do what we do best: "whine and moan and wring our hands"!!!

The banality of the media is abhorrent. They are the best "propaganda tool" Hezbollah and the Islamofacists have! "Tokyo Rose" would be deemed as "offering entertainment to the troops" and a benevolent heroine, compared to our present day media!!!

Posted by Althor at August 6, 2006 3:06 PM

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