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August 4, 2006

Iran supplies Hizballah with a battery of upgraded Zelzal missiles that can reach Israel's nuclear reactor in Dimona

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DEBKAfile reports that their previous disclosure on this was confirmed today by Ali-Akbar Mohtashami-Pour, former Iranian ambassador to Damascus and Tehran's senior liaison with Hizballah. The acquisition of an Iranian improved Zelzal through Syria with a range of 350-400 km was behind Hassan Nasrallah's threat to bomb Tel Aviv if Beirut came under another Israel air attack:

Tel Aviv is 150 km north of Dimona and therefore well within range of the improved Zelzal missile.

The DEBKA-Net-Weekly report added: The battery consists of 16 missiles which, fired from northern or central Lebanon, can hit the Negev town of Beersheba which is some 34 km west of the nuclear center. Iran knows that a missile attack on the Dimona reactor, even if it is a direct hit, will not do much harm because the nuclear installations are buried deep underground and guarded by anti-missile defenses. But both Tehran and Hizballah are after the psychological impact on Islamic and world opinion of aiming the first Muslim missile against Israel's atomic center.

Can anyone out there in LalaLand explain why Syria and Iran are not being held accountable for their complicity in this war? Why is Syria getting a free pass? Would any of this have happened without the interference in Lebanon by Syria and Iran? Why isn't the world community raising hell with Iran and Syria?

Just a few questions from a humble South Georgia farmboy.

Posted by Richard at August 4, 2006 3:23 PM

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