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August 14, 2006

Hizballah Wants Israel to Free Child-Killer

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The Arab prisoner that Hizballah wants Israel to release in exchange for two abducted Israeli soldiers, is serving multiple life sentences for killing a policeman, and then crushing the skull of a four-year-old girl with a rifle butt and killing her father:

"There, according to eyewitnesses, one of them shot Danny in front of Einat so that his death would be the last sight she would ever see," Smadar wrote later.

"Then he smashed my little girl's skull in against a rock with his rifle butt. That terrorist was Samir Kuntar."

Read more here.

So you ask yourself why in the hell would Israel agree to a UN resolution that essentially leaves the decision on whether to release the captured Israeli soldiers up to Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, and you're scratching your head in disbelief. Then you ask yourself what in the hell has Israel accomplished?

Believe it or not, that's exactly the position Prime Minister Ehud Olmert put Israel in when he agreed to the UN resolution, a ceasefire for nothing - Israel is back to square one. Hezbollah, Iran, and Syria won, Israel and the West folded. Negotiating with Nasrallah puts even more power and influence into his hands, and the fact that the captured soldiers were not part of the UN resolution speaks to the total ineffectiveness of the U.S. negotiations for a favorable and just outcome. The U.S folded its tent and crawled out and Olmert left Israel looking like a complete fool.

You can't win the war against Islamic fascism and prevent them from obtaining their global caliphate that they seek, by loosing everytime you have the opportunity to win. This, and still no consequences for Iran and Syria's role in this war.

Egyptian Sandmonkey has more commentary.

Posted by Richard at August 14, 2006 6:55 AM

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