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August 2, 2006

HarryTho 8/2 Natalee Holloway Commentary

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As the Natalee Holloway case has turned stale, I felt it was time to introduce our readership to some activity that our researchers have been conducting in Canada. For the last few months, we have kept our activity quiet in the hopes that we could break some startling news. As with the rest of the Natalee Holloway case, we have been frustrated, as well. So, I have decided to allow our readership to review our Canada research progress.

Over the past month or so, our researchers have been following up a lead on a possible location of Natalee Holloway. This lead emerged from a theory that we posed in a past, editorial commentary that a known, prolific poster could be Natalee Holloway, following the case from one of the main blogs. The prolific poster was identified as writing first from Arkansas, to Las Vegas, NV and then to and Pittsburgh, PA under different screen names and actual names.

Following the track of the poster through the United States, we hypothesized that this prolific poster, if Natalee Holloway, could have entered Ontario, Canada via Detroit, Michigan. With this hypothesis, a search of possible, Canada connections was compiled and juxtaposed. It was discovered from sources that prefer to remain anonymous that Beth Twitty disappeared for a few days when she traveled to Canada in order to meet with the Attendence Group Marketing in Montreal the day of Natalee's birthday. But, when the researcher went to the office, the meeting was not in that office, and Beth was nowhere to be found, Where was Beth Twitty? Once again, from sources that prefer anonymity, a specific area of Canada was narrowed down as to Beth Twitty's possible clandestine travel.

While perusing the readily available data of the area in question, wewere apprised of the existence of a Holloway in residence in an area of Canada in which no Holloways have ever existed prior to 2005. The residence was tracked down. So the researchers traveled to the area of the residence and commenced a stake out. The phone number of the residence was obtained. The phone was registered to an N. Holloway. A general, yet assuming, phone call was placed to the residence. A young woman, determined to be Natalee Holloway's age, answered the phone. It was impossible to determine the identity of the person who answered the call, as she responded in French.

Some two weeks of random stake outs could not determine the physical identity of N. Holloway. To date, we have no positive identification of N. Holloway or anyone else that resides at the residence in question. During the stake outs, little activity was observed going or coming from the residence. The neighborhood was very quiet. Keeping in mind that an overt inspection of the house and/or its occupants might compromise the stake outs. Since if N. Holloway is, in fact, Natalee Holloway, then we can assume that a scam is underway in the case, and the normal informational chokepoints would be being monitored by compatriots of the Twitty-Holloway clan. Our researchers were forced to maintain distant observational points, limiting their ability to identify the occupants of the residence in question.

Canadian authorities were called in to make some preliminary checks of entry permits. They recently reported that no person named Natalee Holloway, born on 21 October 1986, was issued a visa of any type in order to remain in Canada beyond the normal tourist allocation, student permit or in a refugee status. However, in the case that Natalee Holloway entered the country to get into a detoxification center, she could remain anonymous (for a higher admission fee).

In the case that she is illegally in the Canada, she can obtain a bank account, acquire the service from telephone (only $200 deposit required) and electricity companies without legal documents. She may even rent a house, and with lease in hand, HydroQuebec will provide electric power.

The Canadian authorities have informed us that Quebec is the easiest port of entry in all of Canada. Essentially, just show a US driver's license, and you are admitted without question.

In summary, we cannot yet determine if we have located Natalee Holloway. However, we have unearthed some interesting anomalies. First, Holloway is not a French name. How a Holloway ended up in a French-speaking area is a mystery yet to be unveiled? Second, the person who answered the phone was a young female about Natalee Holloway's age. Yet, the responder spoke French. There exists no documentation that Natalee Holloway could speak or studied French. However, proficiency can be obtained easily from one of the approved Foreign Service Officer (FSO) language programs. These programs are computer assisted and considered the very best in the world. If Natalee's disappearance is a scam, then it follows that some preparation was in the works. Some of that preparation could be the clandestine study (home study) of the French language.

Does Quebec fit? Yes, actually, with Natalee's promoted resume, only Spanish was listed as a possible foreign language, hinting that if Natalee ran away, she did so in a Spanish- or English-speaking country. Quebec, a French-speaking province, would be the ideal place for someone to hide in the open. Quebec would seem invisible to personnel tracking Natalee Holloway. And, entry into Quebec is very easy ... without any documentation whatsoever! The fact that an N. Holloway is listed in the phone directory indicates that, if discovered, Natalee could insist that she never intended to hide. In a sense, if this is Natalee Holloway, the runaway is well orchestrated.

Are we suggesting a scam is underway? Well, naturally, all we have so far is circumstantial evidence. We cannot as of yet connect enough dots to make such determination. However, if we discover Natalee Holloway is somehow connected to this Quebec residence, we would only need to ascertain a Beth Twitty rendezvous with someone at that residence. Keep in mind, if this is a scam, the informational chokepoints will be closely monitored by fellow travelers of scam. The French-speaking girl who answered the phone may actually be a Quebec private phone service. Natalee Holloway may actually reside in another location. This Quebec residency may be a tripwire, designed to alert the scammers, to a penetration of their operation.

The foregoing is the current status of the Hyscience research into a Canada lead. The names of our researchers will remain anonymous in order to protect them from repercussions, if this is in fact a scam operation. The identities of the Canadian authorities investigating this lead with our researches, likewise, will not be revealed at this time.

What we have is an address and phone number of someone identified as N. Holloway in Quebec in an area believed to have been frequented by Beth Twitty when she disappeared for a few days in Montreal. The lack of observable activity, over a number stake outs, in the residence in question raises our suspicions.

As the research progresses, we will keep our readership informed. That is, unless a body shows up in the meantime.

With Aloha,

Posted by HarryTho at August 2, 2006 8:59 PM

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