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August 11, 2006

Fauxphotography - abusing the privacy of the dead

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

One of the big stories that has been covered in the blogosphere this week has been dubbed Reutersgate. Bloggers in the U.K. and in the U.S.A., as well as in the rest of the world, have been poring over the photographs that were released from the scenes at Qana. The bloggers and their readers have shown how Hezbollah and Hamas have been using the photographers of the MSM to push their own agenda in a spectacular displace of propaganda.

There are many questions that have not been answered regarding the collapse of a building in Qana. It is alleged that the building was bombed by the Israelis, and that there were people inside the building who had come there from the surrounding countryside. The Israelis were targeting buildings where Hezbollah were hiding their rockets and rocket launchers. There appears to be evidence that the bombs did not drop on this building. There is a time gap that has not been explained away in an adequate fashion (I am reminded of the lies told by Michael Schiavo as he wheedles his way out of facing murder charges over the death of his late wife Terri).

However, the issue in the photographs is not related to the collapse of the building. It relates to the way in which Hezbollah operatives used the bodies of dead children as though they were war trophies. You can find a summary of the controversy here.

The use of dead children does not end with Lebanon, and thanks to the vigilant bloggers and their readers, another fauxtograph has been unearthed. This time the photographer is covering the scene in the Gaza strip. The caption of the fauxtograph originally implied that a 5 year old girl was killed during an Israeli bombing raid at Gaza. You can view the photograph here. However this child died as a result of injuries sustained when she fell from her swing.

The way in which the children were abused by being placed on display for all to see, as the men in these fauxtographic display acted out their part, is truly disgusting. The main fauxtographer who is responsible for the picture that was beamed around the world, and used by all major MSM outlets, as well as Muslim demonstrations all over the world, is Adnan Hajj, a freelance Lebanese journalist. The readers of European Referendum and Little Green Footballs have been very busy finding more evidence of staged scenes. The rot does not stop at Reuters, for the AP as well as News of the World have all had a hand in the deception that has been taking place. The BBC got caught out using another of the Hajj staged photographs, depicting a woman whose home had been allegedly bombed. As the bloggers commented she must have been very wealthy or very unlucky to have lost two homes two weeks apart. Then there is the fauxtograph of the man dubbed the Lebanese pieta. The caption had implied that he had died as the result of an Israeli bomb raid, but bloggers discovered that he was walking around in 5 shots prior to the Pieta pose. The fauxtograph caption was amended but there has been no apology of the attempt to deceive the public.

The MSM have participated in the exploitation of these children who have died as a result of injuries sustained in a theatre of war. They have applauded the use of these trophies, and they have published their happy snaps all around the world. The MSM has not criticized Hezbollah for the way in which they have placed their rocket launchers and rockets amongst the civilian population, which according to the Geneva Convention is the real war crime.

Posted by Maggie at August 11, 2006 5:30 AM

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