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August 7, 2006

Everyone Loves Hezbollah?

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

Just consider this another one of my rants!

The MSM would want us to think that everyone loves the Hezbollah. All we hear from the media is that Israel and the U.S. are the enemy and Hezbollah is benefitting from the war in Lebanon. It's more of the same that we've been hearing since 9/11 - we shouldn't offend Muslims, the religion has been hijacked by "bad" Muslims, and we lose the minds and hearts of the "good" Muslims by defending ourselves against those "bad" Muslims that want to kill us and turn the world into one great big Islamic Caliphate.

You know, Bush's "Islam means peace" routine (Islam really means submission to Allah - but that doesn't go down well with the American public). While it is true that there are many moderate Muslims that want absolutely nothing to do with the Islamists (that's the bad Muslims) killing us infidels and turning our civilization into an Islamic caliphate, there are on the other hand a hell of a lot of them that do and will do anything to get it - much to the dismay of the many moderate Muslims that think the Islamists are nuts and have as much interest in stopping the spread of radical Islam as do us infidels. However, Bush's "Islam means peace" routine and the media's "everyone loves Hezbollah parade helps perpetuate the charade that the Islamists want us, all of us - moderate Muslims and non-Muslims alike, to fall for and walk lockstep into submission to their evil plan. And all of us, even the media, had better start understanding that the Islamists (remember, that's the bad Muslims, the radicals, the folks that love death more than life because they have low self esteem, they listened too much to the wrong cleric, they can't find a day job, they have too much money, they have too little money, they've learned from our movies that all of us in the West are corrupt and like too much sex - and a myriad of other reasons, as consistantly detailed in the media) indeed have a plan and it is indeed very dark and evil. In the case of Ahmadinejad's brand of Islam, it doesn't even matter if the world is destroyed in the process, only that the mahdi gets to come out of his well where he's been hiding.

Surely all those images of civilian deaths and destruction of "Lebanese" infrastructure (forget about the Israeli deaths and destruction of infrastructure - Jews don't count) are scoring points for Nasrallah and his band of Iranian-sponsored terrorists, and those Muslims (and non-Muslims) that think with ummah first and brain further down the line (in the case of the non-Muslims that fall for the media line - they don't think at all, they simply react in accordance with their agenda or are just plain vanilla-wrapped naive), however, has the media ever considered for one nanosecond that there are Muslims that actually think with their brains? Alert! Alert! Alert! To all media outlets. Newsflash! There are Muslims in the world that actually think with their brains!!!

While it is true that Israel and the U.S are not scoring points in the Arab world with Israel bombing Lebanon back 20 years, if you've been awake since 1979 you know that nothing Israel or the U.S. has done has scored points in the Arab world, and everything either country does is going to be met with criticism. In the case of Lebanon, a terrorist organization sponsored by a state-sponsored ideological cancer, Iran's brand of radical Islam, is being methodically and surgically exposed as unable to stop Israel from advancing to virtually any place in Lebanon it chooses to go to (i.e. Balbek hospital raid) in an effort to dismantle the Hezbollah "millitary" (sic).

And while Hezbollah proves it is able to use its Iran-supplied weapons transported through Syria to hit Israel and inflict random civilian casualties (along with a few IDF reservists), and the Israelis work overtime to limit civilian casualties, even warning cilians that they are coming with 48 hour notice, CNN continues with the sympathy card for Hezbollah and Reuters continues to use doctored photos to enhance images in Lebanon, we will surely continue to hear the constant drumbeat from the MSM that Hezbollah is gaining popularity with the Arab street. But I can't help but wonder if after all the dust settles, the Lebanese and the Arab street will take a step back and look at all that settled dust across Lebanon and ask themselves just what is it that Hezbollah as actually accomplished with their dragging the entire country into a destructive war that left it with billions of dollars in damages and a big goose egg for an economy. Oh, about those tourist dollars - forget about them - they're non-existant.

However, let's go back to those Muslims with brains that I spoke of earlier - fortunately for the world, that's most of them. And there are some astute Arab bloggers speaking out that are not quite as complimentary of Hizballah as the media. They are saying things like all Hezbollah can claim any kind of credit for is its ability to protect itself, and avoid elimination - small consolation to the rest of "us."

One thing must be clear to all Lebanese - and I mean ALL: what has transpired over the past two weeks eliminates all the pretense for Hizballah's existence as a military force.

Its proclaimed ability to protect Lebanon from Israel has summed up to nothing more than causing a fraction of the damage to Israel in retaliation. All Hizballah can claim any kind of credit for is its ability to protect itself, and avoid elimination - small consolation to the rest of us.

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Posted by Richard at August 7, 2006 7:27 AM

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