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August 9, 2006

About Those Iranian Republican Guards Fighting With Hezbollah

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

baghdad_bob_a10a.jpg.... the ones that Hezbollah and Iran deny exist. Too bad that they had their identification papers on their bodies, at least that's what the Israelis say:

HEZBOLLAH today denied Iranian fighters were among its guerillas battling Israeli forces in southern Lebanon.

"Hezbollah categorically denies the lies and claims that the enemy is promoting that Iranian fighters are present in the confrontations with the occupation forces," the pro-Iranian Lebanese guerrilla group said.

Israel's Channel 10 television earlier cited diplomatic sources as saying members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard had been found among Hezbollah guerillas slain by Israeli forces in southern Lebanon.

It said the Iranians were identified by papers found on their bodies, but gave no further details on how many were discovered or when.

Iran, like fellow Hezbollah patron Syria, insists its support for the Shiite guerrilla group is purely moral. (and Baghdad Bob was right when he said there were no American forces in Baghdad)

Israel says many of the rockets being fired against its civilian and military targets are Iranian made, and that Hezbollah fighters taking on its forces trained in Iran.

I'm willing to bet a case of Guiness Extra Stout that those papers and the bodies are in fact in the hands of the Israelis, they'll make them public sooner or later, and Iran and Hezbollah will still deny the obvious truth - it's that ole al-Taqiyyah again.

On the other hand, Iran and Hezbollah could just be up to their eyebrows in the usual plain ole vanilla lies.

Posted by Richard at August 9, 2006 10:33 PM

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