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August 16, 2006

About Those Civilians Flooding Back Into Southern Lebanon

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

I have to admit that us ole south Georgia farmboys don't know all there is to know about the makeup of the Lebanese civilian population now flooding back into southern Lebanon like the proverbial rats to cheese. However, one would think that everyone of the "civilians" has to know that there ain't no cheese awaiting them, and likely no place to put it except outside exposed to the elements.

So here's my dumb questions: Could it be that Hezbollah is encouraging the civilians to race like hell back into the areas that Israel cleaned out, using the flood as cover for moving weapons and fighters back in to where they aren't suppose to be? And could it be that all this is happening with the knowledge of the Lebanese government (they know Hezbollah and surely can't believe that they can be trusted to live up to a little ole peace agreement)? And could it be that Hezbollah is, as we speak, making sure they are again prepared for Israel when it has to come back in and start all over to finish what they only days ago failed to do? Does anyone except the French really believe that Hezbollah will live up to the ceasefire agreement? What about Iran and Syria? Does anyone seriously believe that Dumbfill (also known as UNIFIL) and a Lebanese army comprised of 40% Shi'as are going to police Hezbollah? C'mon, not in our wildest dreams could we actually fall for that, could we? I know Rice and Bush did, as did Olmert, but we're real people, we know better, don't we?

From my humble point of view, mentally sitting back on my Farmall tractor (they haven't made anymore since 1984), by not finishing what they started, and not taking out Iran and Syria along with bombing everything from Southern Beirut south to the Blue Lne back into the Stone Age, Israel assured itself of years of war and destruction. And with a great degree of certainty, Israel will at the very least be going back into Lebanon soon, and having to do virtually everything all over again - including having to deal with all those "civilians" that are now flooding back into southern Lebanon. UNSCR 1701 was a failure long before Israel agreed to it.

And wasn't it only yesterday that Israel warned the UN and Lebanon that any solution that allows Hezbollah to retain any weapons will result in a resumption of hostilities. Well, what about the reported deal between Fuad Siniora and Hassan Nasrallah that amounted to a "don't show, don't tell" policy? Not promising, sounds like the Farmall philosophy just might be right-on, pigs will fly further than this ceasefire.

Posted by Richard at August 16, 2006 8:53 AM

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