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August 12, 2006

About the Israeli Capitulation to the "Ceasefire" - History Repeats Itself!

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

If there is one bitter lesson that history has repeatedly taught us, is that half-hearted measures and appeasement in the face of a belligerent, fanatical, enemy, intent in conquering and or obliterating us, inevitably ends in failure, and usually ushers a far fiercer conflict of far greater reaching proportions and consequences, as happened in WWII. The same is happening now in the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, and the "Ceasefire" to which Israel has acceded!

The recent Israeli campaign, though fierce and much criticized for its "brutality," proves once again that, as with US troops in Iraq, you cannot fight this rabid Islamofacist cancer with one hand tied behind your back, worrying about esoteric "legal intricacies" of the Geneva Convention and or the diplomatic "niceties" at the United Nations!

History is repeating itself as with Germany in the late 1930s, except this time it will not be the invasion of Poland or some other country that will trigger the butchery (after all the Islamofacists of "Peace" have already well infiltreated us from within in Europe as well as in America) but some mushroom cloud over some unwary city of America or the West!!!

Olmert is a weak leader, who propbably is listening to the nagging advice of his arab loving, secular progressive, multi-culturalist, leftist wife (who it is said even voted against him in the elections). He assuredly has succumbed to pressure from her, as well as from the White House.

This, of course, prodded by our beloved President who thinks just dropping "ballot boxes" out of the sky in the midst of these tribal, fanatical, Islamist murderers will resolve everything and bring about, as if by an act of sheer magic, the transformation of this perverse, oppressive culture, still in the throes of the Middle Ages, into "modernity" and "democratic maturity"! Bush's answer to all: "Take two ballot boxes and call me in the morning..."!!!

Well, beginning with the "populist" Islamist Revolution in Iran ushered by President Carter's blundering withdrawal of support of the Shah's government (which opened much of this Islamist, populist Pandora's Box of today, with the dire consequences and repercussions it has had and will continue to have as we are witnessing - even that of a mushroom cloud!); the election in the Palestinian Territories of the Hamas terrorists in "free elections," which would indicate that the Palestinians don't want "Peace," "Statehood," or a "Two States Solution" but rather to continue the war-mongering, the violence and the terror, as a way of life, and to keep sending their surplus children as suicide bombers into Israel, until they "wipe Israel off the map" (presumably with the help of Ahmedinejad); the popular support of Hezbollah amongst the Lebanese, who have even elected them to Cabinet Positions and have literally surrendered Lebanon to them; to our deepening failures in Iraq; they all prove that President Bush is naive at best with his "give the Muslim rabble the vote" "Democracy" campaign, that essentially (and traditionally) Islam is NOT a "Religion of Peace" but, as its very name implies, one of conquest and submission, and that the best that we can hope for in the West, is for "westernized," benevolent, "Enlightened Dictators," such as King Abdullah in Jordan and Mubarak in Egypt, to keep the "Jihadists," the Clerics, and the volatile rabble in check, and maintain the peace in their societies, as well as in the region in general. I suppose President Bush is just dumfounded that you give most Islamists the vote and they'd choose terror, the imposing of Shariah law, and to cut off the heads of all "Infidels" rather than his much touted "free and peace loving" societies"....look at the result of all of our many other well intentioned but misguided attempts at dealing with the Muslim, Islamist, "mentality" and weep!!!

The Hezbollah "cancer" cells left behind by the hasty suspension of the Israeli "surgical operation" and its bombing campaign of "chemotherapy" in Lebanon will only "metastasize" in the future to once again wreak havoc! Israel should have been left alone to continue extripating it once and for all...for their's as well as for all of our sake's!!!

Posted by Althor at August 12, 2006 11:26 PM

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