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August 2006

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August 31, 2006

President Bush Addresses American Legion National Convention
The Contents of the IAEA Report on Iran's Nuclear Program
The Contents of the IAEA Report on Iran's Nuclear Program
R.J. Escow Not Only Misses The Train - He Doesn't Even Show Up At The Station
On Labeling The Enemy For What It Is
Jihad Alert - They're Everywhere They're Everywhere They're ...

August 30, 2006

Jimmy Carter Wants To Top Damage Done In 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis
Network Problems (Updated)
Centanni and Wiig Interview - Terrorists Despise Term 'Islamic Fascist'
Controller's Back Was Turned When Jet Took Wrong Runway
Fox News Interviews ISNA Woman President - Fails To Divulge Organization's Dark Ties To Terrorism
That Ridiculous Plame Scandel Has Finally Plamed Out
ACLU Wants Suspected Terrorists Allowed Back Into U.S.
Naguib Mahfouz Has Died

August 29, 2006

Rumsfeld: U.S. able to take new fight despite Iraq
Lebanese Turn On Nasrallah
The Conservative Case Against Rudy Giuliani In 2008

August 28, 2006

America's Muslims Aren't as Assimilated as You Think
Yawn: Charges Dropped Against John Karr In JonBenet Killing
On Silencing God Talk: So Who's Really In Need Of Education?
Militant Illegal Alien Activists Take Over U.S. Post Office By Removing American Flag And Hoisting Mexican Flag !!! (Updated)
Meet The Kidnapper Of Centanni And Wiig
'Neutral' UNIFIL Broadcast Israeli Troop Movements In Lebanon!
Beauty Queen Under Attack
New Compound Causes Cancer Cell Suicide

August 27, 2006

The War Tourists
Kidnapped Fox News Journalists Freed
Israeli general plots war with Iran
Navy Debuts Its Newest Nuclear-powered Submarine

August 26, 2006

Is The Democratic Party Becoming A Cult Of George Soros - America's Most Dangerous Billionaire?
Fox Guest Calls Judge not Worthy to be Dog-Catcher!
Hitchens Gives the Finger to Maher's Audience for 'Frivolous' Jeering of Bush

August 25, 2006

Allen Critic S. R. Sidarth Exposed
Coming Soon to a Blog Near You
Iran's Ties with ElBaradei
Is It 'Israel Won' Or 'Hezbollah Didn't Win' ?
Don't Give Peacekeepers a Chance ?
Former Israeli Security Advisor: ''Ahmadinejad would 'sacrifice half of Iran' to wipe out Israel'
Pomegranate May Benefit Diabetes Patients
Centanni-Wiig Kidnappers: What Do They Want? Competing Theories
New York Man Charged With Relaying Hizballah TV

August 24, 2006

Iran's Carrot And Stick
Pluto Demoted to "Dwarf Planet"
About Those Israeli ''Chemical Weapons...''
Ominous Ties to al Qaeda Found in Gaza Kidnappings Of Fox Journalist And Cameraman
Is The Bush Doctrine Dead?
On 'First They Came For the Jews - The Story of Yet Another World War'
Israel's Sixth Option - The Only One That Will Save The West
On Iran, Uranium Hexafluoride, And The Aomic Bomb
There's A Shakedown In There Somewhere!
Relearning Lessons in the War on Terror
Tea Is A 'Healthier' Drink Than Water
Al Qaeda Comes to Gaza? Kidnapping Of Fox Correspondent And Cameraman Linked To Abu Musab al Zarqawi- type Group?
Is Iran Planning A Nuclear Surprise? - And Other Boring News Our Spy Agencies Are Ignoring

August 23, 2006

Iran 'Chief Beneficiary Of War On Terror'
German Muslims Blame Bomb Plot On Protestant Crusade
'Islamonazism'- The Video
12 Arrested After Northwest Airlines Flight Turned Back
Hearing Today For Step-father Of 2 year-old Kelsey Smith Briggs
Three Treatments Remove Precancerous Skin Growths - And Also Slow Skin Cancer
Media Gives Ahmadinejad A Pass
Asking for it: why terrorism vs. Fox-TV is not news
Breaking: Gaza group claims kidnapping of Fox journalists
Marines to Order Thousands of Troops Back to Active Duty
Gang of Killer Raccoons Terrorizes City
Newsy Stuff
Choices People Make: Hate And Violence Vs. Education And Productivity For A Better World
Google's Political Agenda - Exposed By Google

August 22, 2006

Was Israel 'Bush'-Whacked?
Are We Approaching The Point of No Return?
TV News Critic: We're Silent On Steve Centanni's Life or Death Peril Because We Don't Like Fox (Updated)
Why Bogus Therapies Seem to Work
How To Deal With Terrorism (And Iran)
Judge That Issued NSA Wiretap Ruling Participated In $45,000 DonationTo ACLU
Osama: 'A Jihadi in Love'
Three Iranian factories 'mass-produce bombs to kill British in Iraq'
What Is Iran Planning For Today, August 22nd? (Updated)

August 21, 2006

Ahmadinejad: "The Iranian People Will Force You to Bow and Surrender"
Mexican "Separatist" School in Los Angeles
Hezbollah Rearming And Returning To Southern Lebanon
Another 'Moderate' Muslim Declares Ummah First - Europe Not At All - Destroy Israel
Effective (sic) French-Lead Disarmament Of Hezbollah
Beware Of The Bald Snake
On Bad Faith And Cultural Equivalence
Buchanan Declares 'Third World Conquest Of America"

August 20, 2006

The Minutemen Project - 'Letters, Comments and Photos from the Enemy'
How Did We Miss This? Islamist Blogger Issues Fatwah Against 'Zionist' Journalists. (But Nicole Kidman is SO HOT)
French Promises Mean Diddly-Squat
Warning: Blogging is Addictive

August 19, 2006

At least Mel Had The Good Grace To Get Drunk First - And Then There's Andy Young!
Yes, All This Is 'Indeed About Islam'

August 18, 2006

Technique for multiplying adult stem cells developed
British Police Find 'Martyr Tapes' Of Accused Terrorists
Just A Reminder About Demopocrisy
Gene Silencer Helps Shut Down Ovarian Cancer
Israel And The Coming Wars
Revisiting ''CAIR Doesn't Like The Term 'Islamic Fascist'''
It Sounded So Good In The Begining, But Where Did It All Go Wrong, George?
The Army That Only Goes Where It's Safe
Open Letter To CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC On John Karr
Iran begins war games, ahead of August 22
An Open Letter To The NSA And President Bush
Palestinians Declare Unilateral Cease-Fire
Lying about Lebanon
The Real Winner In Lebanon

August 17, 2006

Light Posting Today
UN Lebanon Force A Farce - As For France, Well, It's France
Weapons from Iran Discovered in Iraq's Port City
Why We MUST Profile
On Lipstick, Pigs, And Ned Lamont
Accused JonBenet Killer Says Her Death Was An Accident

August 16, 2006

The Unfrozen Caveman Voter
Hitler And The Grand Mufti Of Jerusalem: Origins Of Modern Islamic Anti-Semitism
Caption Contest
Colorado Authorities Make Arrest in JonBenet Ramsey Case
On The Non-Importance Of World Opinion
On Victory In Lebanon
About Those Civilians Flooding Back Into Southern Lebanon
A Morning Rant About CNN's 'Angry' Muslim Youth
Reuters Has Right Picture - Wrong Caption

August 15, 2006

Palestinians Seek Kidnapped Fox News Reporters
Britain Reports Universities Central to Terror Plot - So What About The Islamist Groups In The U.S. Universities ?
Ahmadinejad: Hezbollah Won!
The Brits Consider Racial Profiling - The Time Has Come! (Updated)
Hezbollah to Keep Weapons in Southern Lebanon
Take Off Shoes And Do What? An Early Morning Rant
Christian Egyptian Blogger Investigated For 'Defaming The Country's Reputation?

August 14, 2006

War paint plant 'tackles cancer'
Ahmadinejad Has His Own Blog
Children Of Jihad - Children Who Hate
Random Thoughts On The 'Ceasefire' In Lebanon
AP Quotes Hard Core Radical Islamist As 'Expert' - Perpetuates Jihad Spin And Propaganda
Washington Post Portrays Terrorists As Victims - UK Media Gets It Right
Time For Condi To Go?
The Demonstration In Palestine That The MSM Didn't Cover
Pakistani Charity Investigated As Possible Funding Source In Bombing Plot
Hizballah Wants Israel to Free Child-Killer

August 13, 2006

Iranian Hardliner: 'We Can Make Atomic Bombs And We Will'!
Are you Ready? Psalm 9-11 - 'I will fear no evil'
Graduate Level Fautography: Photo Shots From Lebanon Staged With Unearthed Bodies?

August 12, 2006

About the Israeli Capitulation to the "Ceasefire" - History Repeats Itself!
'Green Helmet' Exposed As Cynical 'Movie Director'
What Ever Happend To 7ormat el Mowt?
CAIR Says We Shouldn't Call Muslim Terrorists - Muslim Terrorists (Updated)
Security Council Adopts Cease-fire: Read It And Weep
Olmert Pulls A Chiraq - Surrenders To Hezbollah (Updated And Bumped)
Mati-ur Rehman mastermind of UK terror plan
August 22 was the intended day for terror attack, and about that Visa Waiver Program
Israel -- to fight, or not to fight

August 11, 2006

'Where Is the Nelson Mandela of the Islamic World?'
IDF fumes over denied victory - Blames U.S. Interference
Those 'Sexy Goats' Are Oh So Tempting
'Religious' Attitude?
Two Of British Terrorists Were Muslim Converts
Britain Looks To 'Why Us'
Fauxphotography - abusing the privacy of the dead

August 10, 2006

Excerpt from Terror in the Skies: Why 9/11 Could Happen Again
Breaking: Largest Shopping Center In United States Closed Down Under Bomb Threat (Updated)
Reuter's 'Moderate Muslims' For Public Consumption - Not So Moderate
Acetone Peroxide (For A Bomb - Triacetone Triperoxide) And The Terrorist Plot To Blow Up British Planes
CAIR Goes Balistic Over Bush Remark
Dogs of War Unleashed Israel/Lebanon War
President Bush: 'U.S. at war with 'Islamic fascists'
Terror Arrests In Dearborn Michigan
Prayer Time
Al Qaeda Endorses Joe Lieberman
Lebanese Army Complicit In Attacks On Israeli Forces
Terrorist Plot to blow up planes foiled (Update)

August 9, 2006

About Those Iranian Republican Guards Fighting With Hezbollah
Islam, conquering Americans from within?
The MSM Weighs In On The MSM: 'Media bias in Lebanon: Rubes fall for the oldest trick in the book'
WaPo Covers Reuters Scandal, Quotes The Terrorist-Supporting Islamist Group CAIR
The Real Fight of Hezbollah
"Fauxtography" alert: NYTimes and USNews; plus Time and Reuters' Issam Kobeisi
Iran's Khamenei: It Is The Entire Muslim Community's Duty To Defend Hezbollah
Nasrallah's Offer, Israel's Answer - A Disturbing Scenario
There Are Fringe Benefits To Israel Being On The Offense
Study: Vegetables Can Help Reduce Diabetes Risk
More on Naveed Haq, Seattle's Sudden Jihadi
New York Times Monty Python Players
Lieberman Losses

August 8, 2006

Hackers face up to a year in prison
Iranian cataclysm forecast Aug. 22
About Those Missing Terrorists Egyptian Men In The U.S.
BBC Radio's Hugh Sykes Exposes His Own Bias
Staged Reuters Photo Incites Muslims to Jihad
On the Israel-Hez War and the Democratic Peace
Debka: Hezballah Command 'Based In Syria' Smuggling Rockets Into Lebanon
Dots Connected: Captured Terrorist Who Took Part In Kidnapping Of Israili Soldier - 'Trained In Iran'

August 7, 2006

Very Unlucky Woman In Beirut Or More MSM Shananigans?
About That Dem Plan To Impeach Bush
Reuters Withdraws All Hajj Photos
Jonathan Hunt - Fox News Moonbat Reporter Extraordinaire
What's The Deal With The U.S. - France Peace Deal?
IDF Shoots Down Hezballah Drone Filled With Explosives
Hezbollah (aka Hizballah / Hizbollah / Hizbullah / Hezbollah/Hezbollah) (Updated)
Terrorism Gets Another Boost: Gas Prices Going Up
War Roundup
Everyone Loves Hezbollah?

August 6, 2006

Katyushas Aimed at Civilians Rain Over Israel: A Hezbollah Victory! Israel Flattens Hezbollah Infrastructure: A Hezbollah Victory! Israel Exercises Self-Restraint and Halts Advance on the Ground: Another Hezbollah Victory!
World to Castro, fellow evildoers: Drop dead

August 5, 2006

Nasrallah: Calling All Arab Leaders - Send Ceasefire
No More Pizza Hut, No More Computer, No More Pepsi Cola
Hezballah: No Matter Who Dies - They're Happy
Iran Admits It Supplied Hizbullah With Zelzal-2
'Keeping God Hostage'

August 4, 2006

Comments On Democracy In The Middle East From A Non-Expert
A Report On Democracy in the Middle East
Iran supplies Hizballah with a battery of upgraded Zelzal missiles that can reach Israel's nuclear reactor in Dimona
Who Are The Key Players In The Middle East Saga?
Blood Test Offers Hope In Detection Of Breast Cancer
Hizballah's 'Media Relations Department'?
Iran Is Racing To Resupply Hezbollah
The French Have the Answer, Again

August 3, 2006

200 Elite Troops In Baalbek Raid
IDF Operations In Southern Lebanon
The National Security Collapse of the Democratic Party
Video Of Israeli Commando Mission At Baalbek - Many More Are To Come
Hizbollah threatens Tel Aviv if central Beirut hit
Iran Working With N. Korea On Missiles
Truism: Islamic War Against Israel (And The West) Will Not End With A Ceasefire
John Murtha Must Be French
Is Alan Dershowitz A Closet Neocon?

August 2, 2006

HarryTho 8/2 Natalee Holloway Commentary
Flash: Baghdad Bob Alive And Well - Now Working For Hezbollah
On The MSM's Hizballah Sources For News They Report As Fact
Faux 'moderate' Islamists
Annoyed With The Media
John 'Cold Blooded Klller' Murtha Slapped With Law Suit
IDF Commando Raid in Baalbek Was Like 'Apocolypse Now' (Updated)
Iran Planning 'Judgement Day' For Israel And America
Health Roundup

August 1, 2006

The Demise of Castro: A Joy Tinged with Bittersweet Elation...
Israel: Against All Odds
Is Hizballah On The Ropes?
He Wants To Fight Israelis
It's Time To Break out the cigars - Castro's dying
What You Really Need To Know About Qana
Email From An 18 Year-Old Muslim Girl
The Democrat's 'Quagmire'
Al-Guardian & the Brotherhood