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July 23, 2006

To My Arab Brothers (From An Egyptian Arab)

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

Here's an interesting excerpt from an online letter by an Egyptian Arab to his fellow Arabs who are shouting support for Hezbollah:

... Any sound military man will tell you that a good army knows when it starts losing the battle. It retreats, restructures or finds a new tactic. If Israel has transgressed on Arab property, isn't it about time we realised that war isn't exactly the best tactic? What will it take for Hezb 'ollah to realise that they've 'lost'? That same dude on Al-Manar explained his point of view: so far, Hezb 'ollah has lost 5 soldiers. Meanwhile, Israel has lost 9. In his opinion, the Hezb is winning. In his opinion, the 300 or so dead Lebanese, the injured and the displaced all don't 'count,' despite the fact that there's no equal loss on the Israeli side. I guess that should be indicative enough of how much Hezb 'ollah cares for the Lebanese. On the first day of conflict, Nassrallah said the war was for Lebanon. A few days later, he changes tune and now it's for the entire 'Ummah'. Well, you never asked the Ummah. And as the 'ummah' we're telling you to get the f**k out of Lebanon and go back to goat herding.
Read the rest...

On a related note, if you're wondering why some Arab regimes are supporting Israel - Timothy Phelps offers an opinion at Newsday.

Hat tip - Egyptian Sandmonkey

Posted by Richard at July 23, 2006 4:13 PM

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