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July 20, 2006

The Crisis in the Middle East and Islam: "Religion of Peace"?!?!

Topics: Islam And The War On Terror

If there is anything at all that could be deemed a positive development amidst all the carnage and the needless bloodshed brought about lately by Islamists around the world culminating in the recent crisis in Israel, it is that their heinous actions have finally worn off the veneer and dropped the mask, painted upon the face of Islam by the secular progressive, multiculturalist, leftists of this world, of this so much touted so-called "Religion of Peace," and revealed its true gruesome visage for what it really is ...and it is most certainly not "a religion of peace"!

"Moderate Islam" appears to be for the most part a fictional, politically correct, creation of secularists in America and politicians in Washington, exemplified by but a minority of "Americanized" Muslims living amongst us, that even though renouncing the violence so espoused by their barbaric brethren abroad (who more faithfully follow in the true, murderous, spirit of the "War Verses" of the Koran), yet remain "ambivalent" about many aspects of this clash of cultures - even in their loyalties!

On the Arab street however there is no such "political correctness" and there you see the real face of Islam, as proven by the jubilant crowds of Palestinians on the streets of Ramallah on 9/11 (many of them women and children), exuberant at the news of the attack on the Twin Towers, jumping for joy, applauding and dancing, passing candies and sweets around, waving festoons, almost seeming like a disgusting Muslim parody of the "Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade" (only the floats where missing) in macabre celebration of the towers falling with their three thousand innocent human victims dying on that day.

Then there are the Muslim mothers who send their teenage sons and daughters to blow themselves up amongst crowds of innocent civilians just to kill Jews and Christians; the terrorists in Iraq who are willing to kill dozens of their fellow Muslims, many of them women and children, just to injure one American soldier; the young Palestinian woman burn victim of a domestic accident with a kerosene stove, who strapped herself with explosives and tried to blow up the Jewish Hospital, the doctors, and the nurses that had saved her life, that had performed numerous reconstructive surgeries on her, and were rehabilitating her, trying thus to repay them for their kindness during one of her therapy visits.

And how can we forget the madness, violence, and mayhem the world recently witnessed because of some stupid, innocuous caricature of Mohammed and how viciously all those protesting Muslims turned against those very nations that had offered them refuge and sustenance; the Italian priest killed in Turkey for ministering to Muslims; the attacks on Christian Churches throughout the Middle East; the many continuing killings, bombings, and atrocities, all of them committed in the name of Allah, Mohammed, and Islam, which amply prove that rather than a "Religion of Peace" Islam is more appropriately a "Religion of Death and Destruction," that would even make the cult of the Hindu goddess of death, Kali, pale as "benevolent" in comparison.

When was the last time you saw a follower of Kali strap himself up with explosives and immolate himself and all those around him in an act of murderous religious madness, as the Islamists do non-chalantly day to day?!?!

Throughout the ages fanatics have committed atrocities in the name of all religions, yet their founders did not espouse such violence and extremism.

Moses brought down from Mount Horeb the Law which clearly delineates the just, moral, relationship between God and man, and man and his fellows, and that states: "Thou shall not kill." Jesus, though unjustly dying on the cross as a common criminal, prayed to His Heavenly Father to forgive those crucifying Him: "...for they do not know what they do." Buddha taught that the way to enlightenment was through the rejection of the base passions, through renunciation of the world and through "non-violence." Jains cover their mouths and noses with masks lest they inadvertently may ingest even a gnat and deprive it of its life.

In like manner, most of the world's religions promote respect for life and the uses of life. It is only Islam, primarily amongst the principal religions of the world, which espouses violence, death and "Jihad," from its inception, as proven by the "War Verses" of the Koran - verses that Salman Rushdie may have done well to include amongst the "Satanic Verses"!

Such immoral cretins as Richard Cohen of the Washington Post, who contends that "Israel itself is a mistake" in his dhiminitude, clearly wishing that the emaciated Jewish survivors of the Concentration Camps of Europe may have never returned to their ancestral Homeland denied them for two thousand years, in order not to "inconvenience" his Arab Muslim friends who retained 75% of the British Mandate of Palestine in 1948 after the partitioning (perhaps Mr. Cohen surmises that Hitler's "Final Solution" was preferable in his view!), or as that ill-named "Professor" Ward Churchill, who propounds that the victims of 9/11 were "little Eichmanns" that deserved to die - indeed as all of us in America do according to Islamists for supporting Israel's right to exist as a nation, may contend that the "peace loving" Islamists' grievances are solely against Israel for taking their land, and against the US for supporting Israel and the Arab governments in the region.

However, the stark reality is much different, as witnessed by the recent horrific train bombings in India aimed at Hindus, or the slaughter of Buddhists by Islamist radicals in Southeast Asia, the appalling massacre of Russian school children by Chechen Islamic terrorists in Beslan in 2005, the Muslim riots and violence that have taken place throughout France and the rest of Europe not long ago, and all the continued murder and violence all throughout the Muslim world, fueled by Islam's intolerance of all other world views, and the fanatical compulsion of Islamists to impose a world-wide Caliphate and the yoke of Sharia Law upon the rest of humanity by the sword - as appropriately displayed by the traditional flag of Islam they wield: the "Sword" over the Koramic verse in a field of green, a sword that drips with the torrents of blood shed by this "Religion of Peace" throughout centuries of violence and conquest!

The election of that mad despot, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, by an overwhelming majority of the Iranian populace, over that of his opponent, former Iranian President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani who was more moderate and seemed to be amicable to improving relations with the US and the West, and the recent election of Hamas by the Palestinians are evidence that in the Arab street the prevailing sentiment of the people is one of belligerency and hostility, true to their "Religion of War" and certainly more in line with the so called "Islamist extremists."

The notion held by so many Democrats and secularist progressives in America that the way to resolve the current situation in Lebanon, and or the Iranian nuclear threat, is by appeasement, dialogue, and negotiation, is dangerously naive and delusional, and if embarked upon will only buy the Islamists more time to stockpile more weapons and rockets to use against Israel and the West, and to develop nuclear weaponry with which to obliterate us all, as Iran is frantically trying to do!

It is unfortunate, but against such an enemy appeasement is futile! Israel unilaterally withdrew from Lebanon and from Gaza, and what did they get for their trouble??? Incursions by Hamas and Hezbollah into Israel to kill and kidnap Israeli soldiers in acts of blatant, open, provocation, and a rain of Katyusha rockets, which because of their known inaccuracy, Hezbollah is obviously not aiming at military targets, but at the civilian population of Israel, a fact that the critics of the so called "disproportionate" Israeli response aimed at rooting out Hezbollah from southern Lebanon seem to gloss over, while condemning Israel for the collateral "civilian casualties" in Lebanon even though it is a known fact that Hezbollah had headquartered itself and stockpiled its weaponry amongst the civilian population, using them as "human shields," and that many of those so called "civilian victims" killed in the conflict were in sooth Hezbollah terrorists in street clothing, or members of their immediate families!

You would think that the people of Lebanon, after the dolorous civil war that laid to ruins their country and its capital, Beirut, which was once considered the "Paris" of the Middle East, a war incited by such extremist Islamic elements as later evolved into Hezbollah, brought about by the corrupting presence and influence of the PLO amongst them at the time, would condemn Hezbollah for unleashing against them the wrath of Israel with their act of provocation, but amazingly this is not so. As it always seems to be the case independent of all facts, once again America and Israel are to blame for this conflict in their eyes!

As Anderson Cooper at CNN has amply shown us in the last few days with his coverage, overtly sympathetic to Hezbollah and the Lebanese who harbor them in the true fashion of the American leftist, liberal, Democrats, for whom his network speaks, most Shiite Lebanese blame it all on the United States and Israel - of course that Hezbollah keeps raining Katyusha rockets on Israeli civilians is no excuse for Israel to fire back at them according to these people!!!

In one of the CNN pieces, one of the young women refugees fleeing from the conflict to Syria who was interviewed, vowed, holding her young son in her arms, to "one day return to Lebanon to train her son to fight Israel" - so much for motherly love! With so much blindness, and hatred ingrained and indoctrinated into them from their very birth by their peers, their teachers, their religious leaders, and in many cases by their own misguided mothers, the children of these Islamist are doomed to repeat this vicious cycle of murder, death, violence, and the detriment of the rest of the world; just another lost generation!

Iran's despot, Ahmadinejad, has repeatedly threatened to obliterate Israel from the face of the earth. One of the latest comments by the leader of Hezbollah was that if this was the beginning of the Third World War he welcomed it! All over the world the followers of this "Religion of Peace" are hell-bent on an unprecedented campaign of upheaval, mass death, and utter destruction! The mask is fallen, and the grim, gruesome, true visage of Islam is staring us blankly, with unfettered rage, and vicious hatred, in the face! No amount of appeasement will soften their intransigence, no amount of concessions will deter their ire, all negotiating will only be utilized by them to buy more time in which to better prepare themselves to achieve their nuclear objectives. Theirs is only one unwavering aim, theirs is only one single-minded goal: the defeat and submission of the United States and the West....and the complete obliteration of Israel off the face of the planet along with the total annihilation of the "hated" Jewish people!!!

To quote Isaiah:

"....Shalom, peace to him that is far off, and to him that is near, saith the LORD; and I will heal him.
But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt.
There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked."

How truly prophetic, unlike the "Koranic," satanic, verses!

The Islamists are truly "like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt" - death and destruction!

Indeed there is "no Shalom, no peace," for the Islamists, unless the shade of things to come changes, let us hope that some Muslim "Luther" arises to reform Islam, to imbue it with reason and common sense, tolerance, and most of all with respect for life! Lest in order for humanity to survive their madness and barbarity, ironically it be not Israel, but ultimately Islam itself which will have to be wiped off the face of the earth... for the sake of the rest of humanity!!!

In the meantime, let us all stand aside, and let Israel do what many nations in the West are too "effeminate,"
"politically correct," and "sensitive" to do: clean out the corrosive Hezbollah "cancer" from Lebanon. It is painful, invasive, procedure, but there are no other options if Israel, as well as Lebanon, are to survive!

Posted by Althor at July 20, 2006 3:24 PM

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