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July 19, 2006

Should Richard Cohen Be Fired Today?

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

Richard Cohen_Muslim apologist.jpgIn our post yesterday titled, "WaPo Spits In The Eye Of History: Does Bidding For Islamists - Says Israel Is A Historical Mistake," we said that Richard Cohen, writing at The Washington Post, apparently agrees with Iran, Syria, Hamas, and Hezbollah, and gives credence to the Islamists that seek to destroy Israel.

In saying that "Israel itself is a mistake," Cohen foolishly and recklessly attempts to use a premise of the foundation of Israel being a mistake to make an escapable point (while seeming to recognize the mindless hatred of the Islamists) and chooses to ignore the history of Apocalyptic Muslim Jew Hatred and the ancient history of Palestine itself (Maps here)
Today, The American Thinker goes a few steps further and says that the WaPo columnist should be out of a job just as Harvard's President was fired simply for wondering in public why there are so few first-rate female mathematicians and Nobel-winning scientists. More importantly, TAT reminds us of a serious repercussion of Cohen's "Helenism": "As you read this, every Embassy in Washington DC is sending that line home to Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Indonesia, and to all their jihadi friends back home."

However, should Richard Cohen actually be fired for his "Helenisms" and idiotic remarks that are certain to serve as golden nuggets of propaganda for America's enemy - the radical islamists and the Islamist regemes that support them? Personally, I'd derive great comfort in seeing the SOB get the boot, along with a stint in prison for giving aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of war.

On the other hand, this is, for now (until CAIR and Islam take over the country and instil sharia), so perhaps people should simply stop reading his dumb columns and send letters to the editors of papers that pay him, telling them that they'd rather read Mein Kampf, The Communist Manifesto, or swim with sharks, then pay for any paper dumb enough to pay an SOB like Cohen to write his dhimmit dribble.

It would also be very appropriate for the "Wide Awakes" of America to stop buying or reading or quoting or linking anything the NYT/Wapo crowd prints.

Hat tip - Wizbang

Posted by Richard at July 19, 2006 5:07 PM

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