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July 2, 2006

On The Arrogance And Pseudo-Naiveté Of The Media In A Time Of War

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

All you have to do is look at the Sunday talk shows and review the media reports of the last few days to know that the majority of America's media are scrambling to excuse and explain actions that amount to nothing less than treason by the New York Times and others. Today, Flopping Aces has taken the time to summarize the commentary from the talking heads on this Sunday's propaganda shows (used by most media to either excuse or push one of their liberal agendas), and his post makes for an informative read for all Americans who's mental state resides on the "wide awake"-side of reality:

I guess I missed a doozy of a "roundtable" this morning on NBC. According to Jonah Goldberg, it was a breathtaking display of arrogance:

Today's "Meet the Press" roundtable, still going, is a scandal of media egocentrism. With the exception of Bill Bennett, the groupthink on display is staggering. Criticizing the media is inherently silly according to this papal conclave of journalists. Any criticism is either an example of know-nothing populism or cynical electioneering, according to Dana Priest, Bill Safire, John Harwood et al. Journalists are always heroes and leakers should never be prosecuted. We're always right, no matter what.

It's just an outrageous display of self-importance.

Here we have just a snippet a snippet of the discussion where Dana Priest makes the absurd point that releasing classified information is not a crime, and then proceeds to get personal with Bill Bennett.
Don't miss reading his entire post that includes several videos and numerous links. But be sure that you've got a glass of wine to mellow out with and reduce your blood pressure. After you finish reading the post, seeing the videos, and checking out the commentary at the various links - you are going to be furious at the media and what they're trying to sell you - that they have the right to give out our national secrets to our enemy, and that publicizing our national secrets is not a problem. Al-Qaeda is certain to agree with them.

The media is not simply naive to the consequences of their acts to undermine national security via their anti-administration agenda - they know exactly what their doing. However, in doing so, the mainstream media continues to undermine their own credibility an ever-increasing segment of the American public. Soon, the only Americans that will read their agenda-driven dribble is the 35% liberal public of the left that will buy in to anything said that's anti-military, anti-Republican, and/or anti-administration.

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Posted by Richard at July 2, 2006 5:16 PM

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