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July 31, 2006

On Qana: More Islamist "Manipulation" of the "Jihadi Loving" Media?!?! And the Harsh Reality on the Death of the Victims!

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

In a recent post on Hyscience by Richard, he couldn't help but wonder how come barely a few hours after the Qana attack by Israeli forces, which we have been told in the media left fifty four civilians dead - most of them women and children, a giant 30 foot high banner with the professionally rendered painting of the image of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, with the suggestively conspicuous addition of a smaller one of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to her right in the background, decked with inflammatory slogans in Arabic about the Qana incident, was unfurled in Beirut just in time for the violent demonstration that took place just a few hours later in the day in Beirut and Gaza.

Richard points out at the obvious professional quality of the banner, and along with John of "Power Line" and others, wondered:

"I have no idea what kind of facility it takes to produce a 30-foot-high banner like this one. It is obviously professionally done. It would be interesting to know where this banner was produced; who designed and paid for it; and how its production was expedited so that it was ready for use, on the street, within hours after the event being protested. For example, was the image of Rice produced in advance, awaiting a pretext for its use, with only the script added at the last minute? I've often been curious about the logistics of pro-terrorist demonstrations, and this seems like an especially curious example."

"Confederate Yankee" also wondered about the "timeline" in Qana and the almost immediate appearance of the banner, and was increasingly suspicious of the story about Qana we are all being told by the world's media.

Obviously the production of such a sophisticated behemoth of a banner could not be produced in your local rickety, Beirut backstreet, Hezbollah print shop, but requires a modern, large, highly specialized printing facility equipped with the latest, very expensive, printing technology and equipment, and would involve the production of much artwork and preparation! Even the painting used in the banner itself, made purposely to show Condi with a facial expression which seems almost a snarl and Olmert as sneering, could not have been made in a few hours even if the artist had been Michelangelo himself!

Naturally one has to wonder how this incredible feat was accomplished, and one must conclude that all the art work and preparation must have been already done and ready to go, even before the Israelis had begun their attack on Qana! This, of course, points out to the fact that either this banner was just waiting on the wings for some excuse to print some propagandistic vitriol on it and unfurl it and the text was added after the Qana attack at the very last possible minute before the demonstrations, or Hezbollah must have set up the whole Qana thing from the start.

Noting the amount of outrage that the Qana incident has generated worldwide against the Israeli airstrikes against Hezbollah, prompting more vigorous calls for an unconditional "cease fire" which would only benefit Hezbollah and help it remain entrenched in Lebanon, and the fact that Hezbollah has all along been firing their barrages of Katyusha rockets at Israel from amidst the heavily populated urban centers and villages in Lebanon, one has to wonder if this is not what Hezbollah was trying to accomplish and intended to make happen all along, by using the civilian population as "human shields" !

There is a very strong possibility that Hezbollah, knowing how "sympathetic" the "hand wringing" coverage of Anderson Cooper, Jack Cafferty, CNN, MSNBC, the BBC, and the "Elite" media throughout the world has been so far to their cause, and how this thing would play out on Al-Jazeera and all throughout the Muslim world, did in fact set this whole thing up for PR purposes against Israel!

Hell, even Fox News' Contributing Consultant "Generals," who for some unfathomable reason have all become "experts" on "military strategy" after retiring from the Armed Forces, having been, for the most part, mostly glorified "pencil pushers" throughout most of their obscure careers - perhaps with the notable exception of having been involved in a couple of "cut-and-run" campaigns under the Clinton Administration, yesterday duly made the grim pronouncement, on Greta's "On the Record," that "Hezbollah was winning the war with Israel"! Imagine that, after all the pounding Israel has given Hezbollah! With "cheerleaders" like that on the sidelines, who needs "nay-sayers"!!!

After the Qana incident took place, all throughout the world the usual crowd, as expected, was up in arms condemning Israel for the attack on "Innocent civilian women and children" calling it an "atrocity," and demanding an immediate ceasefire, while on the Muslim streets the chants of "death to Israel and America" were once more intoned by the Arab Glee Clubs! Again, even Fox News was critical in its coverage of the Israeli strike and its aftermath!

However, in a bold move by Israel, Israeli Intelligence provided non other than CNN, which so far has been one of Hezbollah's "media apologists" with unlimited access to the Hezbollah's "Universal Studios - The Tour" propaganda we have been seeing on CNN on TV, which purports to show us how the Israeli response has "almost totally obliterated" Beirut, even though most of the targeted destruction involves just a neighborhood in its suburbs the size of its Racetrack in which the Hezbollah Headquarters where nestled, and a few other "strategic" sites throughout the city, with a videotape that clearly shows by their "heat signature" that indeed Katyusha rockets were being fired from the building in question where the fifty four "innocent civilian victims" perished.

Now, it has been my contention since the beginning of this conflict, that those so called "civilian casualties" of the Israeli attacks were, for the most part, Hezbollah terrorists and their immediate families, friends, and neighbors, hence that you would find such a high incidence of women and children amongst those hit by the highly accurate Israeli fire.

Knowing the culture of death of Islam, and how "loving" Muslim mothers proudly send their own pubescent children to blow themselves up just to kill strangers because they happen to be Jews or Christians, one must seriously consider wether if many of these women and children who have been killed in the Israeli attacks, in Qana and elsewhere in Lebanon, were perhaps not purposely "sacrificed" in mass Shahada, precisely to elicit the world condemnation of Israel, as it has, turning the "aggressor," in this case Hezbollah, into the "victim"!

As a matter of fact, is it too far fetched to consider that the very same women who'd devoutly send their own children to immolate themselves as weapons of mass murder, would not immolate themselves and their children in like manner to achieve similar Shahadi goals, possibly even impelled by their Jihadist fighter husbands, uncles and brothers, and that perhaps many of these so called "innocent women and children victims" chose to be Islamic PR fodder out of their own twisted free will or that of their male family members?!?! As sick as it may sound to us in the West, one cannot deny the likelihood of the chilling possibility!!!

On 9/11 America lost its innocence. Notwithstanding some Democrats and left wing secular nuts who are in denial, or for political partisan reasons, are holding stubbornly to a "Pre-9/11 world mentality" - that hold that terrorism is a "law enforcement matter", that Islam is a "Religion of Peace" , and that you can effectively use the obviously failed "Clintonian Shuttle Diplomacy" to diffuse such crises as the North Korean and Iranian nuclear threats, by "negotiating" with madmen such as Pyonyang and Ahmadinejad, and or with such terrorists to achieve "peace" as the PLO, Hamas, and Hezbollah, who while engaging in negotiations are simply buying time to achieve their goal - which is ultimately the destruction of Israel and America and the extermination of the Jewish people - most Americans have come to realize that the stark, ugly reality of this new global conflict brought upon us, is like nothing we have dealt with before as a nation, and that it has and will alter many of our cherished "preconceptions" and that it will perforce make us look at things in a far more bleak, dispassionate, and realistic manner if we are to survive it!

Not even during the "Cold War" were we ever faced with such a barbaric, inhuman enemy, professing such a twisted, fanatical ideology, totally devoid of all respect for life!

I remember during the Reagan years the song by Sting, about the clock then perceived by many of the proponents of unilateral nuclear disarmament, as clicking towards a nuclear confrontation between the US and the Soviet Union, that took as a premise of common interest between the two "Super Powers" the presumption of "...if the Russians love their children too"!

Unfortunately, we cannot look at the Islamic terrorist threat we are facing in a similar manner, given the fact that in their culture of death and destruction, these Islamist will not only blow themselves up at the drop of a hat in hordes to achieve their military and political goals, but are heedless of any humane constraint, even towards their own, and are perfectly willing to blow up, kill, and murder even innocent Muslim men, women and children, in order to just injure but one American or Israeli soldier, or, again, to send their own children to their deaths, turning them into weapons of terror and mass destruction, in order to achieve their heinous goals!

Upon seeing the corpses of those women and children who died at Qana being carried out of the rubble in shroud covered stretchers, who can call himself human and not feel his heart being wrenched, or not be deeply moved by images of the lifeless body of a child in the arms of its parent - a victim of another Israeli airstrike elsewhere, or hear the wail of desperate, mourning women amidst all this carnage of war?!?! Who can look upon all this horror and not wish that it was not so?!?!

Yet, the bleak reality imposed upon us by this Jihad Islam is waging rabidly against us, our culture, our way of life, our very existence - threatening us with obliteration, forces us to look at these doleful developing events in a harsher, more pragmatic light, and come to the sad realization, in disgust, that as appalling as the death of all those women and children in Qana may seem to our "sensitivities," in sooth their demise may ultimately be doing the rest of the world a favor - fifty four less "suicide bombers" with which would have had to deal our next generation!!!

It reminds me of the poignant words once uttered by Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir:
"I can even forgive the Palestinians for killing our children. What I cannot forgive them, is making us kill theirs!"

Posted by Althor at July 31, 2006 11:32 PM

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