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July 27, 2006

Like Day and Night!

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

The Heroism of Major Ro'i Klein, the IDF Commander whose selfless act of sacrifice saved the lives of his fellow soldiers yesterday, is already becoming a legend amidst the troops and the Israeli population, barely a day after his untimely death!

During the fierce battle in Bint Jbeil, which resulted in the death of nine Israeli soldiers, in which his unit had been ambushed by the Hezbollah terrorists, Commander Ro'i Klein upon seeing a grenade that was lobbed in the midst of his unit, threw himself upon it and covered it with his body, thereby saving the lives of his soldiers.

This unhesitating act of self-sacrifice on the part of this young Golani Commander, who was only 31 years old, and who leaves behind a loving wife and two children, is like a shining beacon that epitomizes all he stood for, fought for, and was willing to die for, in comparison to the barbarity, death, and darkness that engulfs and colors all the heinous actions of the enemy he fought!!!

Whereas Commander Klein stood for a life of peace in the land of his Ancestors, to raise his children in peace in the company of his wife, family, and friends, his enemy stands for unbridled hatred, death, and destruction, and is unswervingly intent on wiping his nation Israel off the face of the earth, and in exterminating his Jewish people - wishing to drive them like lemmings into the Mediterranean sea in an ultimate Holocaust!!!

Whereas he fought and died that his children could be safe at home without fear of death raining upon them from the sky, or of being blown up in their school buses on their way to school, his enemies breed their children to become weapons of mass destruction, teaching them to hate, and to become human bombs, whose mothers "lovingly" send them out into the world to blow themselves up to kill innocent strangers just because they happen to be Jews or Christians, and fight to impose their culture of death, hatred, and intolerance verily upon the whole face of the earth!!!

While Commander Klein was willing to blow himself up that others would live, his enemies blow themselves up in order to kill countless innocent others!!!

Commander Klein sacrificed himself, in the words of Sir Francis Bacon: "...for the uses of life", his enemies immolate themselves "for the uses of death"!!!

What a stark contrast the Heroism of this Israeli "Lion" makes to the cowardice of his Hezbollah enemy, which hides itself behind the skirts of their women and the bibs of their babies to launch their Katyusha rockets from amidst the civilian population, aiming them to slaughter innocent civilians in Israel, to later claim that Israel is killing "Lebanese civilians," exposing their own wives and children as targets for Israel, to later use their deaths as PR fodder for their satanic warring, when in turn Israel returns the fire!!!

What a blinding contrast between "The Children of Light," and "The Children of Darkness"; between those who defend and uphold life, and those who continually fling it, in an act of immolatory supreme arrogance, in the face of God, in a never ending orgy of hate, murderous suicide, death, and destruction!!!

Indeed the Sacrifice of this Hero accentuates the abyss that separates the "Culture of Life" he gave his life for, from the "Culture of Death" of his enemies!!!

May this Lion of Yehudah, Commander Ro'i Klein, Rest in Peace in the bosom of his Father Abraham until the time of the Resurrection when the Lord comes, when "All who mourn for Jerusalem shall merit to see its rejoicing"!

I say unto him, and those who died with him in Bint Jbeil, Shalom!

Posted by Althor at July 27, 2006 5:22 PM

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