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July 1, 2006

Israel To Hamas: No Deal!

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

ISRAEL has rejected yesterday's demands by the Palestinian radical Islamic terrorists who captured Cpl. Gilad Shalit, to free 1000 prisoners. Meanwhile, the airstrikes on Gaza continue with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert reiterating that there will be no deals, that either Cpl Shalit will be released or Israel will act to bring about his release.

And while the Palestinian terrorists continue to hold Cpl. Shalit (assuming he's still alive, which isn't known for certain) the United Nations is warning that a "human tragedy" is emerging in Gaza. Of course Israel would not be in Gaza in the first place had the Palestinians elected and supported a terrorist government that attacks, kills, and kidnaps Israeli soldiers and civilians, and continuously fires rockets into Israel. As though this isn't enough, the Palestinian Hamas government refuses to recognize Israel's right to exist, and are allowing al-Qaeda, Iran, and Syria to facilitate and sponsor terrorist acts against Israel, and work to destroy the Jewish state.

I'm reminded of the Arab commenter from Al Arabiya that I wrote about in my previous post. The UN and other "bleeding hearts" are already ranting about an "emerging human tragedy," and the cries of Israeli brutality are already being heard from some on the Arab street and Arab-supporting media, however - just what did hamas expect?

... "Walla, what did hamas expect, they should stop acting like children, and then cry for the world to help them after they get themselves into trouble. The people in gaza have enough troubles than to be occupied again due to the stupid, irresponsible actions of hamas idiots."
As the commenter says, the Palestinian people themselves could expect nothing less than more war and suffering when they elected a terrorist government. Unfortunately, this generation of Palestinians has and continues to destroy the future of every single Palestinian child, and their children also. Their death culture that has thrived on getting itself into trouble and then expecting the rest of the world to bail them out, in order that they can continue their never-ending cycle of blaming Israel for all of their problems - then demanding more money from the international community because they are incapable of producing anything other than more terrorists - is evidence of a failed society.

No one should want or allow innocent children and young people to suffer, or to lack a future, and the international community should and will act to relieve the suffering of all of the Palestinians to the extent we can. Yet, the sad fact is that the Palestinian adult population has brought this upon themselves, and the time has come for the Palestinians to become a people that are truly desirous of peace and prosperity, and their own nation - and prove it - or it's time for the rest of the Arab nations to absorb the Palestinian population, and all of the terrorists and jihadists that make up such a large percentage of their society, and turn Gaza and the West Bank into farm land.

Posted by Richard at July 1, 2006 1:47 PM

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