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July 26, 2006

Is The UN Spying For Hezbollah???

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UN Hezbollah Spy.jpgI've been thinking about the Israeli hit on the UN post, and wondering if an Israeli missile or bomb might have been the result of electronic siganalin coming from the site. Apparently, Anti-Mullah has been thinking along the same lines:

United Nations & Hezbollah flags flying side by side at the Lebanese Observation post where four UN "observers" from Ghana were reportedly killed by someone.

Reports originally stated that the observation post, which had been there for 28-years, was hit by Hezbollah rockets but anti-Israel sources quickly stated that an Israeli smart bomb had destroyed it.

Either scenario is possible. Hezbollah might have beeen worried that the UN observers "might" (though very doubtful based on UN track record) report movements to the Israelis.

Four Africans from Ghana would prefer to support Israel and let down their Hezbollah neighbors among whom they had been living and toward whom they would naturally feel an affinity? Really?

Not that this would prevent the Hezbollah from wiping them out "just in case".

Equally likely though would be Israel intercepting radio traffic from the post to the Hezbollah and removing this UN spy center. Or more probably, aiming to kill Hezbollah observers who had placed themselves among the UN crew atop this hill inside th UN perimeter, whose reports on troop movements endangered the safety of Israeli forces operating in Lebanon.

More commentary at Anti-Mullah.

Would this be the first time that UN facilities have been used by the terrorists? Absolutely not: UN ambulance picking up fighters in Gaza Strip (Hat tip - Anti-Mullah):

Update: Partisan Times has additional commentary on Kofi's latest attempt to smear the Israelis (and comfort the terrorists).

Related: Morning Coffee has "UNIFIL helping Hizbollah??"

Posted by Richard at July 26, 2006 3:02 PM

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