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July 24, 2006

As Wesley Clark Yawns - Iranian Republican Guards Killed In Lebanon Flown To Iran

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I've been listening to the very liberal former General Wesley Clark expounding his usual diatribe on the fruits of diplomacy and how we can "talk" to the Iranians and "negotiate" the Islamofascists into becoming just another bunch of peaceful folks who, if we only talk to them enough, will give up their global pursuit of establishing an Islamic caliphate and eliminating anglo-saxons and non-Muslims from the planet. If we continue to listen to liberals like Clark and many European leaders and UN Representative Jan Egeland, Iran will soon have nuclear weapons and the entire world will be embroiled in a nuclear war. Every single time I see the man open his mouth I hear the Democratic Left that would have us join hands and have a huge Kumbaya with Ahmadinejad and the mullahs, while they kill us.

Meanwhile, Clark's "buddies," those peaceful, loving, radical Islamistoterrorists that Clark wants us to negotiate with, and their primary supporter - Iran (you know - the country that denies having any troops in Lebanon), are having to fly their dead troops, killed in Lebanon by the IDF, back to Iran via Syria:

The bodies of Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldiers killed by the Israeli army in Lebanon have been transported to Syria and flown to Tehran, senior Lebanese political sources said.

Israeli and Egyptian security officials confirmed the news, which follows a report that first appeared in The New York Sun, that Iranian forces posted to southern Lebanon have been aiding Hezbollah terrorists in their attacks against Israel, including helping to fire rockets into Israeli population centers.

The Lebanese sources said between six and nine dead Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldiers were brought in trucks last week into Syria for a flight back to Iran. They said the bodies were transported along with the tens of thousands of Lebanese civilians fleeing to Syria.

Wrong again, General Clark. Iran lies, has always been lying, continues to cheat and deceive, and has been at war with us since 1979.

And as we move forward in our undeclared and unrealized (by American and European liberals and their media) ex-General Clark and his ilk will continue to be one of the key sources of comedy for Iran and the Islamic terrorists.

Ex-General Wesley Clark, an ongoing presidential candidate for the Left that never stops campaigning with the basic script of the Democratic Left, apparently has never heard of al-Taqiyya.

You'll find much more on Taqiyya and Kitman here.

But don't count on Clark to learn about Taqiyya and Kitman - he's not among the "wide awakes."

Posted by Richard at July 24, 2006 1:57 PM

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