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July 9, 2006

Iran Tells IAEA Chief El-Baradei To Fire Inspector 'That Knew Too Much' - And He Does! (The IAEA Tried To Prevent Publication Of This Article) Updated

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Bloggers and readers, pass this important information around - it's not getting the coverage that it needs from our illustrious mainstream media.IAEA and Iran - Cozy.jpg
[Image: IAEA Chief El-Baredei: Just a little too cozy]

The German website Die Welt just published a report that the IAEA tried to stop entitled: Atomic Secrets: The man who knew too much. This is the first time the IAEA's Chief Inspector has spoken out publicly under his own name about the conditions under which UN inspectors try to get to the truth about the Iranian nuclear program. Apparently, the reason for his outspoken comments is because since April of this year he has been for all practical purposes unemployed. And the sole person responsible for this is his Vienna based direct superior, Mohammad El-Baradei.

The reason? Because Iran told him to!!!

Here are a few excerpts from the just-translated report:

When Baradei went to Tehran in April for consultations, the chief negotiator of the Shiite theocracy, Ali Larijani gave him an ultimatum to fire Chris Charlier. ...

Mohammad El-Baradei acted swiftly in accepting the demand.

Chris Charlier had made himself highly unpopular in Tehran since 2003. "I am not a politician, I am a technician and as such the only thing which interests me is whether Iran's nuclear program is a civil or military one", Charlier states. "The inspections have to reach an unambiguous conclusion".

"I believe they are hiding what they are doing with their nuclear activities. ...

Charlier notes the results of inspections and lists the tricks and deceptions of the Tehran rulers, which leads the inspectors in Vienna to a single conclusion: based on pieces of the puzzle gathered by Charlier, "Tehran is obviously making a bomb." ...

Mohammad El-Baradei promised Ali Larijani, the most trusted person of Iran's Supreme Ruler Ali Khamenei not only to remove Charlier, the team leader of the inspectors, but also to no longer allow him access to any documents in Vienna, relative to Iran's nuclear program.

Read the entire article here.

And don't forget to pass this around. When the IAEA Chief fires the most experienced and outspoken "bomb inspector" the UN has - because Iran asked him to, that's a very big problem for the world community. Especially when he says that Iran is making a nuclear bomb.

Update: Flopping Aces posts that the WaPo covers is covering the story, but with absolutely no mention whatsoever of the fact that El-Baradei is involved and that he "caved in" to Iran's demands (to the detriment of the entire inspection process and in the UN's ability to nail Iran for its deceptions and lies about the real intentions and status of its nuclear program).

Posted by Richard at July 9, 2006 8:28 AM

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