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July 22, 2006

Hezbollah's Iranian Connection

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

...... Prior to the rise of the Shia in Iraq, Hezbollah -- as a radical Shiite Islamist organization -- was Iran's main asset in the Arab world. In fact, it likely will continue to be used by Tehran as a key tool for furthering Iranian geopolitical interests in the region, until such time as Shiite power has been consolidated in Baghdad and Iran's interests there secured.

... There is a division of labor of sorts in the way that Iran manages its foreign assets: The IRGC (which is led by a professional military officer with strong ideological credentials as an Islamist) oversees the Lebanese Hezbollah, while MOIS (which almost always is headed by a cleric) manages militant operatives and groups in other parts of the Muslim world -- Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, India. Moreover, MOIS also maintains contacts among the Shiite immigrant populations in non-Muslim countries, including those in the West.

Read all of the report at Stratfor...

On a lighter note (only to the mullahs), Glenn Woiceshyn finds much for Iran's mullahs to laugh about, given the failure of Western leaders to grasp that appeasement of evil promotes evil, and their tendency to attempt to placate Islamic extremism rather than eliminate it:

... When Iran presumably ordered its child, Hezbollah, to kidnap and kill Israeli soldiers and launch Iranian-made, Iranian-supplied missiles on Israel, to presumably divert attention away from Iran's nuclear ambitions, the West's dominant reaction was not to urge Israel to eliminate the enemy but instead to "show restraint." United Nations chief, Kofi Annan, once again behaving as though Israel was the guilty party, has called for an immediate ceasefire, which would allow Hezbollah to get away with its murderous attack and prepare for the next one, with Iran's help.

... Western leaders have given Iran's mullahs much to laugh about as they gaily pursue their long-term goal of global Islamic dictatorship. Unfortunately, we cannot share their laughter because such comical behavior has cost tens of thousands of innocent lives and could cost millions more in the future (not to mention billions or trillions of dollars). In addition to grassroots activism, we can only hope that someday soon a U.S. President (or Israeli or British Prime Minister) will grasp that appeasement of evil promotes evil and that the only way to fight evil, and thereby achieve real peace in the world, is to militarily destroy evil. It worked against Japan and Germany in World War II where both countries were first brought to their knees by massive military force. It can work again in the Middle East by militarily ending the evil Islamic dictatorship of Iran.

Read the rest; I doubt you'll share the mullah's humor!

Posted by Richard at July 22, 2006 8:03 PM

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