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July 14, 2006

Hezbollah to the rest of the Lebanese: "We are Lebanon and you are all tourists"

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Beirut Notes posted this on Wednesday, but I couldn't help but notice the timeliness of the message, as Iran and militant Islam move to make decisions for the rest of us, and not just in the Middle East. After all, World War III isn't going to be restricted to Israel and its neighbors:

Hezbollah today is deciding the future of all Lebanese. They know best what is good for Lebanon.

They view themselves as the defenders of Islam! They are the storm troopers of the Prophet. Lebanon shlebanon they do not care about it. They do not care about the Arab world. They are the leaders of the whole Islamic world.

"Look the Shiites are much more successful at defending Islam than their Sunni brothers."

Tourism! What tourism? who cares about the economy when God is on your side, promising the ultimate tourist destination: paradise.

And who is going to pay the bills? The Islamic Republic of Iran of course and its yearly US$500 million to their Shiite cavalry in Lebanon.

Hezbollah has metamorphosed from a resistance force to Israel to a resistance force to Lebanon's development and progress.

This bunch of bearded Neanderthals wants us to live like our ancestors did in the 7th Century and nobody can stop them.

And once Iran has nukes, the whole world could very well end up being bombed back to the 7th Century.

What began in Iran, then ordered by Hamas in Syria, then carried out by Hamas in Gaza, then complimented by Hezbolah in Lebanon as ordered by Iran, has now spread throughout all of Lebanon, will soon reach Syria, and then to Iran, and then the world. There is no stopping it - and that "it", lacking some miracle, could very well be the world on fire. And the guy holding the lighter is Ahmadinejad, the devil incarnate. The fuel - radical Islam.

Posted by Richard at July 14, 2006 12:05 AM

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