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July 7, 2006

HarryTho 7/8 Natalee Holloway Commentary

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As many of you may have read, there appears to be some truth to a rumor that Police Chief Gerald Dompig is resigning from the Aruban Police Force. The rumors explode from there. One rumor has the police chief going to medical school. Wherever the truth lies, Gerald Dompig will resign. ...... Why?

Well, as the American media would have us believe, Dompig was incompetent, and he botched the investigation into Natalee Holloway's disappearance. That seems to be reason enough. And, I suspect most Americans will accept that reason as gospel.

Returning a moment to some recent insights from Art Wood, we learned (whether true or not) that only Narcotics investigators were assigned to Natalee's disappearance. Art Wood speaks emphatically that no homicide detectives were assigned to the case. Clearly, a blunder of this magnitude suggests ... as the American media would have us believe ... that a cover-up was in progress early on in the investigation.

Also, we learned that the Aruban police were privy to the Holiday Inn surveillance video of the front entrance prior to obtaining any statements from the three suspects (Sloot & Kalpoes). The police knew that the suspects were lying about the Holiday Inn drop-off, before they detained the two security guards. As I have concluded earlier, the Holiday Inn drop-off was immaterial to the case of Natalee's disappearance.

Given a late revelation of the close association between Boeti, a known, Holiday Inn-area, drug dealer, and Police Chief Dompig, we can surmise that much of the Aruban police's early tips came from Boeti. It has been revealed that it was Boeti's declarations that got the two security guards incarcerated and not any statements by the three suspects.

This leaves us with some interesting questions: 1) Why were the security guards detained? 2) Why were the three suspects detained? 3) Why no homicide detectives?

Apparently, we should be able to conclude that the Aruban police had far more information about the case than anyone has let on. First, it was a narcotics case. Second, it was suspected early on that Natalee Holloway overdosed. Third, the drugs that produced Natalee's overdose were supplied by one or both of the two security guards.

What about the detention of the three suspects? Why was that necessary?

Well, the Aruban police did not have a body. They needed a body in order to close the case. Since the three suspects were seen with Natalee that evening, and they were "expendable," they were detained. Why? Just to assist in finding Natalee's body? The Aruban police needed time to locate Natalee's body. Having someone in custody allowed the Aruba police ample time to search for Natalee's body.

All along, we have been led to believe in Boycott Bob's dull mental ability to boycott an area containing his statesmen's retirement investments. What if Boycott Bob's boys were not so dull? What if they had checked it out and knew their retirement funds were heavily invested in Aruba? What would be the downside of boycotting your own financial future?

Why would Boycott Bob entertain such an idea?

Well, if some of his prime constituents ... heavy political and/or financial influence ... had their children implicated in Natalee's overdose, then it might persuade Boycott Bob to maneuver in such a way as to protect them. If the upper echelon of political power in Aruba were privy to the measure ... and assured of limited collateral damage by an authoritative US State Department official ... an interesting conspiracy develops in order to protect the blue-blood offspring of Alabama.

The detention of the three suspects becomes a diversion to the main aspects of the case. Dompig may or may not have been privy to the arrangement. I suspect that he was not ... the reason for the gag orders. The three suspects remained in focus, because Natalee's body was needed in order to wrap up the case. I doubt anyone suspect a sailboat exit for Natalee's body.

Consequently, I believe Gerald Dompig is resigning from the Aruban Police Force, because he has come to the realization that he had been had. The American press destroyed him and his credibility. When he tried to inform us of what happened, he was quickly attacked and denounced by everyone. And, he was denied access to the case files in order to defend himself. Gerald Dompig has told us what happened as best the could. Many of us refused to believe him, because the American media has concocted the case into a chimera. And, Dompig's story doesn't match ... or we don't desire to hear the truth, if it is Dompig's truth.

With the apparent loss of interest in the case, I believe, slowly, the realization is setting in that the Alabama blue-bloods on vacation in Aruba were not as gentlemanly or lady-like as the American media has portrayed them. The Alabama blue-bloods conducted themselves precisely as the Dutch merchants informed us.

Given the foregoing, just imagine how Boycott Bob handled presenting the Aruba boycott to his constituents with Beth & Jug Twitty standing near him on his pulpit. Now, Boycott Bob is a true political animal!


Posted by HarryTho at July 7, 2006 12:09 AM

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