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July 23, 2006

Gay 'Marriage' First Couple Splits Up In Massachusetts

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Queer couple.jpgThe namesake homosexual couple (sic) in the landmark lawsuit that introduced same-sex "marriage" in Massachusetts two years ago, have split-up, saying that they are "amicably living apart" [a queer way of PC-speaking that says they are calling their marriage (sic) quitso].

Hillary and Julie Goodridge, the namesake couple in the landmark lawsuit that introduced same-sex "marriage" in Massachusetts two years ago, have separated.

The Goodridges are "amicably living apart," said Mary Breslauer, a friend and communications specialist who has been acting as the couple's spokeswoman.

The couple, who have a 10-year-old daughter, are seeking to maintain their privacy as they sort things out, Ms. Breslauer said.

"It's very sad," she said, adding that the couple has been receiving a tremendous amount of support from friends and family.

The Goodridges' breakup was first reported Wednesday in Bay Windows, New England's major newspaper for homosexuals. The paper said a breakup had been rumored for months, but the women had worked to time release of the news in the best way to protect their daughter.

I don't know what they can protect their daughter from that could be any worse than not having a normal mother and father - as for "their" daughter - I won't bother to ask how two queers could have a daughter.

And yes, I'm not very politically correct, and could care less about even faking it. What's more fake than homosexual (read two queers) "marriage"? And BTW - I support "homosexual" unions - but not homosexuality (you figure it out).

This is not to say that homosexual couples can't have lasting relationships. I have two homosexual friends (and yes, I call them gay so as not to hurt their feelings - even though they call themselves "queer") that have a 20+ year "relationship." Great people, great friends, good relationship - I love them both (heart sense only!!!). But these guys don't pretend to be "married" or to have a child "together." They are "real people" and genuine.

Posted by Richard at July 23, 2006 8:35 AM

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