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July 30, 2006

CNN, MSNBC, and the "Elite" media's Coverage of the Lebanese Civilian Victims "Humanitarian" Crisis: Is the Media Part of the Problem?!?!

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

Back in World War II the Allied Forces bombed the German city of Dresden almost to the point of complete obliteration.

The amount of destruction was appalling, and the toll of civilian casualties was enormous. Many to this day bemoan all that was lost in those aerial bombardments and the ensuing flames that consumed the city; after all, the beautiful city of Dresden was rich in history and tradition. Dresden was one of the foremost centers in Europe of Culture and the Arts, however, the Allies were faced with a quandary.

Yes Dresden was the city of beautiful broad Boulevards, Museums, and Palaces, it's buildings were architectural jewels, it's Art the Heritage of humanity, yet the Nazis were using it's industrial centers not to turn out delicate "porcelains" and other artistic fineries, but to churn out munitions and other supplies to feed the German war machine. It was crucially strategical for the Allies that they'd choke that vital lifeline of German supplies if they hoped to shorten the war, avoid greater Allied casualties, and ensure victory, in a struggle they were too close to losing as it was! Therefore the unrelenting bombing of Dresden was undertaken.

Imagine if the News Reels and the media had covered the bombing of Dresden the way CNN, MSNBC, and the "Elite" media does today with the Israeli bombing of the Hezbollah infrastructure in Lebanon, what public reaction in America and all over the world would have been! The world would have been enraged, public support for the war effort would have waned in the US, and Hitler (and eventually his successor) and the Nazi party would in all likelihood have survived and be alive and well today, in power, in Europe... and across the English Channel!

Night after night Anderson Cooper, Jack Cafferty, Paula Zahn, and their cronies, come on our television screens dolefully wringing their hands amidst the rubble, showing us harrowing images of utter destruction, and emotionally intense shots of hapless victims being rushed to the hospitals, wounded civilians, hysteric Shiite women screaming and raising their hands to the sky, and bewildered crying babies; it is gut wrenching! But, does this reflect the totality of what is really going on or is some of this "melodrama" being staged by careful "editing" that focuses only on the "sensationalist aspects" of what is shown us, for the sake of ratings???

Audiences in America have grown accustomed to watching the news, especially such conflicts, as if what they were watching were not real unfolding events, but some scripted Hollywood movie where an arsenal carrying, trigger happy, gun toting Bruce Willis or Rambo comes up at the very last possible minute to save the day. When things do not go according to this "script" in the public's eye, as has happened with the unforseen brutality of the events in Iraq, or with the civilian casualties now in Lebanon, these fickle audiences are turned off by the realities of the situation and promptly loose interest, or become isolationist and reactionary about it. Needless to say, the rating ravenous news media is more than happy to provide its audiences with all the melodrama and the pathos they have come to expect from such reportage, even if they have to hype what is sensational and grabs ratings, and down-play other more mundane aspects of any given situation.

The Israeli reprisal to the unprovoked Hezbollah aggression against it has been mostly aimed at surgically taking out the Hezbollah's infrastructure in southern Lebanon and the suburbs of Beirut, in order to neutralize their ability to keep launching the thousands of Katyusha and other rockets that have and are raining over Israeli cities killing civilians, launched from strongholds in such localities, and to downgrade Hezbollah's ability to wage war against Israel after having amassed, since the Israeli withdrawal for Lebanon six years ago, a significant arsenal of thousands of rockets and other sophisticated weaponry, provided them by Iran and Syria, which Hezbollah intends to use, as it has so often openly proclaimed, to annihilate the Jews and wipe Israel off the face of the earth!

The area that has been heavily bombarded by the Israelis is "Terrorist Central," the Hezbollah Headquarters and facilities in the suburbs of Beirut, a neighborhood which is mostly Shiite - whom on the other hand openly support, aide, and welcome amongst them Hezbollah, and many of whom are active sympathizers and or actual members and fighters of the terrorist organization.

It is a well known, documented, fact, that Hezbollah, has entrenched itself amidst the Shiite civilian population of Lebanon, purposely stores rockets and weaponry in the homes of its fighters and sympathizers, and that it launches them from these urban locations, again, purposely using the heavily populated neighborhoods from where they make such attacks, and those civilians living there amongst them, as "human shields" to deter the Israeli response, and or incite world condemnation of Israel, should it respond to the fire, which in all likelihood then will therefore result in so called "civilian casualties"!

This, along with the fact that, amazingly, many of these terrorists shoot these rockets and engage in this warfare from their own front doors, and neighborhoods, with their wives, children and other extended family, friends, and neighbors approvingly looking on, oblivious to the danger it poses for them, makes it more inevitable that there be so many "civilian casualties" when, naturally enough, the Israeli forces try to neutralize the threat.

Most of all the rockets fired by Hezbollah, raining over the Israeli civil population, have been launched from these Shiite suburbs of Beirut, or from the heavily populated, Hezbollah dominated, villages in the southern Lebanon.

Enter CNN, MSNBC, or should we more aptly say "Universal Studios Beirut - The tour" !!!

If one looks at a map of Beirut and sees the area devastated by the Israeli bombardment in the suburbs, one can see that its size is just about that of the Beirut Hippodrome or Racetrack! Yet, if you were to judge from the reportage by Anderson Cooper on CNN and the other "Elite" media, you would have sworn that most of Beirut has been obliterated!

Cooper and his Cronies are given "Guided Tours" by Hezbollah "Tour Guides" of the former Hezbollah headquarters, which sits smack in the middle of a once heavily populated Shiite neighborhood (where many of the Hezbollah terrorists used to live) who then obviously "accentuate" the those parts of the neighborhood which have suffered the greatest destruction and devastation - sort of the Beirut equivalent of the "Earthquake" ride at Universal, the only thing missing are the Trams and souvenirs! Once, when one of these journalists tried to enter this zone unaccompanied by your friendly Hezbollah "Tour Guide" he was promptly stopped and turned the peril of his life! Seems that obviously Hezbollah doesn't want the "visitors" to wander were they should not, and perhaps see another more sinister face to their "Universal Studios Beirut - The tour" !!!

Cooper and friends habitually stand before the cameras with their "bleeding hearts" in their faces (personally I don't think they care about anything much other than advancing their careers) against a backdrop of rubbles and devastation, which if the camera panned around would clearly not be so complete or pervasive as they want us to believe it is, much like a Hollywood set of one of the monumental "catastrophes," of Apocalyptic magnitude, it is famous for shooting in its Burbank backlots!!!

All the shots of the rubble-strewn remaining shells of bombed out buildings are inevitably followed by all the "melodrama" of the "wailing women" with sirens sounding off in the background, and the casualties being rushed to the hospital amidst cries of rage and confusion, and most of the time they'll end the reportage with a camera shot of the doleful look of some poor, wide eyed, grimy faced, bereaved Lebanese child "victim of the Israeli violence"!

What Anderson and friends fail to tell you, is that most of those wailing women and children, indeed most of the people in those "dramatic" shots, are the immediate family members, neighbors, and friends of the very same Hezbollah terrorists launching theses Katyusha rockets; that they hate Israel and the Jews totally and with a passion, unequivocally, long before the Israeli retaliatory response to Hezbollah; that they welcomed and will continue to welcome Hezbollah in their midst, and are in complete support of Hezbollah and all the Islamic radicals murdering countless innocent people all over the world with their violence and murderous suicide bombings; and that the "cute" little child with the doleful eyes is just another "suicide bomb" in the making!!!

It is harsh thing to realize, but one must admit in the bleak face of stark reality, that these are not innocuous "civilian victims" but in sooth they are part of Hezbollah and the problem, and therefore they place themselves in the position of being valid Israeli military targets!

As the days go by and the Israeli action continues, more and more people throughout the world clamor for a cease fire, mostly based on the scenes and pictures they see day to day on their televison sets and in their newspapers, such as the latest report on the New York Times about the "Israeli atrocities and the civilian casualties."

Such one sided reports, "edited" to highlight the sensationalist aspects of this conflict, and or to promote certain "secular world-views and political agendas," are deeply influencing the outcome of this conflict, much as they helped create much of the recent problems in Iraq with their negative, self-fulfilling, partisan motivated

If Israel is not allowed to successfully neutralize Hezbollah's military capabilities, due to this mounting campaign of "Universal Studios Beirut - The Tour" reportages on our TV screens influencing popular opinion here and abroad against the Israeli operations by CNN, MSNBC, the BBC and other "Elite" media, with their staged "made for TV news" about the conflict, Hezbollah will once again be victorious and live to fight another day - which perhaps at the time it will not be with Katyushas, but with a nuclear weapon provided by their sponsor, Iran, or even waging Jihad in the streets of America and other Western nations, as is the ultimate goal of radical Islam, and all the death and destruction on both sides of this regretful but necessary military action by Israel, will have been in vain!

Let us hope that President Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and Prime Minister Olmert stand firm in their determination, and do not succumb to the International pressure of the European secularist governments, and the Muslim regimes in the region, that they indeed diffuse this Hezbollah time-bomb once and for all, and that they finally have the guts to look at the problem of radical Islam, Syria, and the Iranian nuclear threat in the eye and do something to resolve it! Regressing to more of the same old, ineffectual, "Shuttle Diplomacy," and "appeasement" policies of the past, will not resolve anything, but only serve to embolden the terrorists, and only give them more time in which to better prepare themselves to annihilate us, and impose their nefarious Caliphate on whatever remains of humanity after the global destruction they will wrought !

We must not take our collective boots off the back of the Islamist's necks, no matter how plaintively they may cry, or how heart-wrenchingly Cooper, Cafferty, Zahn and their ilk wring their hands before the Hezbollah backdrops of rubble and human suffering on our television screens. After all, we must remember that it is all but CNN's, MSNBC's, and the "Elite" media's version of just another Hollywood "flop"... except without the ridiculously expensive bad actors!

Posted by Althor at July 30, 2006 12:24 AM

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