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July 21, 2006

Banned Islamic Cleric Trying To Flee Lebanon Begs UK : 'Save Me!

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

Omar Bakri.jpgAnd let's keep in mind that we're talking about an Islamist that when in Britain, described suicide bombings as "self-sacrifice operations," and in one outburst he raged: "You must fight for the way of Allah, for the sake of Allah, to kill first and to be killed." He even told a crowd that included ten young children that an example would be to crash a plane on to 10 Downing Street or the White House.

Now the Syrian-born Islamist fruitcake, who had lived in Britain for 20 years but left Britain for Lebanon last August, saying he was going on holiday - after British Prime Minister Tony Blair pledged to silence Islamists glorifying violence, tried to get on board a British warship to flee Beirut but was turned back. He had shown his British driving licence and his cancelled British passport, and afterwards said, "I know myself I am not welcome in the UK ... but I have the right like everyone else to safety," he said. "It is better to try and fail."

Good try guy, but no cigar and boat out for you.

From The Sun Online there's more on the cowardly Islamist:

The mad mullah, who hailed terrorists as "magnificent" martyrs, bought a £150,000 bolthole in the exclusive Doha district of Beirut.

In March he boasted: "When I left England I bought a one-way ticket out. I never want to see the place again."

But cowardly Bakri changed his tune as soon as bombs started dropping.

Britain barred Bakri from returning to the country as part of a government crackdown on Islamic preachers who it says inspires suicide bombers like those who attacked London's transport system last year, killing 52 people.

Apparently, the real reason the exiled preacher of hate wants to flee Lebanon is because he is scared of being caught by Syria if they enter the country - he's wanted by Syria for trying to overthrow the government in 1982. He's running out of countries to flee to or from!

Hat tip - The Big Pharoah (and BTW, his dad was right)

Posted by Richard at July 21, 2006 12:58 PM

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