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July 2006

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July 31, 2006

On Qana: More Islamist "Manipulation" of the "Jihadi Loving" Media?!?! And the Harsh Reality on the Death of the Victims!
Chinese Medicine May Help Type II Diabetes Fight
Democratic Peace Seminar Q&A #1- Internal Violence
Just Wondering
As Questions About Qana Continue - Israel Resumes The Fight
Ahmadinejad's 'Apocolypse Now'
French foreign minister: Iran is stabilizing element in Middle East
Muslim World Enraged By 54 Qana Deaths From Israeli Strike - Muslim World Yawns While Muslims In Iraq Kill thousands Of Muslims In Iraq

July 30, 2006

A Blog Seminar On The Democratic Peace
CNN, MSNBC, and the "Elite" media's Coverage of the Lebanese Civilian Victims "Humanitarian" Crisis: Is the Media Part of the Problem?!?!

July 29, 2006

Scorpion Venom May Help Patients With Malignant Brain Tumors
Muslim In Seattle Attacks Jewish Center - Shoots 6 Kills 1 (Homegrown terrorist?) Updated
Yallah Ya Nasrallah, We Will Screw Your Inshallah
DEBKAfile: Escalating Military Tension With Syria, Marked By Downing Of Israeli Drone Friday - while still over Lebanon - By Syrian Air Defense Battery
United Nations makes demands of Israel and remains useless
NSA Whistleblower Traitor Subpoenaed By Federal Grand Jury
Hezbollah Willing To Talk Peace?

July 28, 2006

Senior Egyptian Islamic Cleric Supports Hezbollah
Islamic Activist Says 'Islam gives many rights to women' - Yet The Real Issue Is Islam's Need For Reform
Vitamin D And Flavonoids Examined For Impact On Breast And Ovarian Cancer
More WaPo Anti-War/Anti-Military Bias

July 27, 2006

A Message For Lebanese Fans Of Italian Soccer
Emails From A Terrorist Apologist/Sypathizer
Does The NYT Have A 'Gentlemen's Agreement" With Ned Lamont?
Like Day and Night!
The Hero At Bint Jbeil
Video Shows Hezbollah "Katyusha" Rocket Launchers In Civilian Population
So Who's 'Dissin' Whom?
Al-Zawahri: "War Is For Sake of God And Will Last Until Islam Prevails'
JP: 'Nasrallah is in Damascus'
Kofi - The Anti-Semetic Putz
Breaking: Abbas Says Gilad Release Could Be 'Imminent'

July 26, 2006

Irish Worker Has 'Timely' Find' Of Ancient Psalms In Bog
Wells Fargo And Citibank Support Illegal Immigration
Canadian General: UN Observer Post Used By Hizballah
CNN's Jack Cafferty - Stuck In BDS And Ignorent Of Jihadist Threat To America
Is The UN Spying For Hezbollah???
Al-Jazeera To American Muslims: 'Vote Democratic'
Burka Band - Burka Blue
Un Official: 'Hezbollah 'Cowardly Blending' Among Refugees'
Highlights Of [Extremely tired] Nasrallah Speech
Cuba And China Can Drill Off Florida But Not U.S. Companies
UN Repairing Roads For Hizballah

July 25, 2006

The Israeli Response To Hezbollah And The Lebanese "Civilian Casualties" Crisis.
Hezbollah: Israeli Response 'A Surprise'
IDF Takes Maroun al-Ras - Captures Hezbollah Regional Commander
Palestinians Want Out Of Border War
On Disastrous Miscalculations
Rice to Hezbollah: Agree Or Be Defeated
"There Can No Longer Be a Hezbollah"
Do You Know a Spammer?
Liberals Are Freaking Out: Lovin-it, Smells Like Victory !

July 24, 2006

Nazism In Tyre
Will We Now Finally Get It ?
As Wesley Clark Yawns - Iranian Republican Guards Killed In Lebanon Flown To Iran
Islam Is Not Medieval
Rabbi Gelman On Terrorism: Remember Amalek
Iraqi Shi'ite Militia Wants To Fight Israel In Lebanon - Just Another Day In The War With Iran And Radical Islam
A Culture Of Death Vs. A Culture Of Peace
Know Thy Enemy Iran

July 23, 2006

Iran's Hezbollah Has Plans To Run The Whole Middle East
Drug Combo Offers Hope For MS Patients
To My Arab Brothers (From An Egyptian Arab)
Syrian Doublespeak Or Typical Islamic Tactic?
Gay 'Marriage' First Couple Splits Up In Massachusetts
Islamists Love Death Like We Love Life
Dear MSM And European Politicians

July 22, 2006

Nicotene May Help Stimulate Lung Cancer
Some Palestinian Factions 'Mellowing'?
Hezbollah's Iranian Connection
U.S. Speeds Up Bomb Delivery for the Israelis
Strange Alliances: 'Those Tricky Arabs'
Israel Enters Southern Lebanon - Hits Maroun al-Ras and Yaroun Villages

July 21, 2006

Religion of Peace Update: Iran - Accepting Suspension Of Uranium Enrichment Tantamount To Defeat
Somali Islamist orders 'holy war'
What's It 'Really Like In Iraq' ? (Video)
Hezbollah using Viet Cong-style defences: Jane's Defence Weekly
CAIR Soliciting Accounts of U.S. Injuries In Lebanon
As Israel Prepares To Go Into Lebanon
You Live In America But How Safe Is Your City From Jihadists?
Banned Islamic Cleric Trying To Flee Lebanon Begs UK : 'Save Me!
The ACLU And The UN Team Up Against The U.S.
Those Hizbollah's Secret Tunnels And Israel's Next Move
Stem Cell Treatment for Spinal Cord Injuries
On Disproportionate Response And Moral Equivalence
Dhimmitude At The L.A. Times
Iran's Nuclear Impasse: Next Steps
Interesting Images From Iran

July 20, 2006

Is Israel About To Launch A Full Scale Ground War ?
Hezbollah's Nasrallah 'Alive and Threatening'
The Gestapo is Coming ...
Die Judische: Fact - Iran Is The Leading State Sponsor Of Terror In The World
The Anti-Israel Double Standard Watch
Europe Is Potential Target For Hezbollah Terror Attacks
The Crisis in the Middle East and Islam: "Religion of Peace"?!?!
Kofi Gets It Wrong Again
From Banners In Iraq To Hezbollah In Lebanon - It's The Mahdi At Work
Trial of China Activist Delayed
Socio-economic Status Linked To Aging

July 19, 2006

Jawa Report Banned In India
Images From A Hezbollah Demonstation
Proposed: New Words For American Dictionary - "Helenism" and "Helen-speak"
Should Richard Cohen Be Fired Today?
A 'Sandmonkey Offers A Few Thoughts
"Moderate" CAIR's Islamofascism Exposed On Mike Gallagher Radio Show
Hezbollah Threatens U.S. - And They're Already Here
Hizbollah Rocket Kills 3 In Nazareth
Live From An Israeli Bunker
Tony Snow To Helen Thomas: 'Thank You For The Hizbollah View'
Iran Says Hizbollah Will Not Disarm
Israel Causing Civilian Casualties In Lebanon: Dead Muslims In Iraq Don't Count

July 18, 2006

Hezbollah Using Typical Islamist Trick - Human Shields
Iran's Hezbollah Ready To Attack U.S. And Israel
Killer And Butcher Of U.S. Soldiers Kristian Menchaca And Thomas Tucker - Killed
Doctor, nurses arrested in extreme coercive euthanasia case
WaPo Spits In The Eye Of History: Does Bidding For Islamists - Says Israel Is A Historical Mistake
Disproportionate Response

July 17, 2006

Can Diabetes Meds Fight Alzheimer's?
That CBS Propaganda Authority
Jake Shimabukuro's 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps'
On Beheading Nations: The Islamization of Europe's Cities And Its Effect On Europes Reaction To Israel's Campaign Against Hezbollah
Lebanon: Americans In The Crosshairs
Palestinian Death Cult Kids Swarm To Take Pictures Of Body Parts From Dead Israeli Soldier
Is It Israel Against Hezbollah Or The West Against Islamofascism And Arab Appetite?

July 16, 2006

Hizbollah's Nasrallah: Dead Man Talking?
Iran Gave Hezbullah Missiles
On The Israel-Iran War
Are Missing Israeli Soldiers At Iranian Embassy?
Has Iran Blinked?
Horse Verses Cart: On Degrees Of Extreme

July 14, 2006

Did Pakistani Intelligence Plan India Bombings?
Lebanon To 'Burn' After 6PM?
Liveblogging the War: An Israeli Perspective
About That Iranian War Conference
Senate Denies Funds For New Border Fence
The Plame Lawsuit: A Work Of Fiction - Or Is It Humor?
The Assads - Syria's Serial Exporters Of Instability
Hezbollah to the rest of the Lebanese: "We are Lebanon and you are all tourists"

July 13, 2006

Secret Space Battleship Hits Israeli City Of Haifa (Update)
X-rays Linked To Breast Cancer
Say It Now: 'The War With Iran Has Begun'!
Bush Agrees To Submit NSA Wiretaps To FISA courts
Syrian-based Hamas Chief Claims To Be Spokesman For Palestinian People - Not Those Democratically Elected
Is Hizbollah's Military Chief Mugniya The 'Smoking Gun' Linking Iran To Kidnappings?
Breaking On CNN: Hezbollah Attempting To Transfer Captured Soldiers To Iran
Beyond Terrorism: Israel's 'Hidden' War
'Updates from Lebanon'
DEA Report: Minutemen reduced drug trafficking
Senate Bill Would Guarantee More Pay To Illegal Aliens Than American Citizens
News Summary: Israel At War (Updated)

July 12, 2006

Pompano Beach Minister Forced To Resign By Republican Charlie Crist's Campaign For Governor Over Negative Comments About Islam (saying that Islam is a dangerous cult and a mosque in a black neighborhood would make it a breeding ground for terrorists)
Death toll in Bombay Attacks By Islamic Extremists Rises to 200
Fighting for the Cause of Allah (Jihaad)
Hezbollah Captures Two Israeli Soldiers - Israeli Forces Cross Into Lebanon (Running Updates Below)
Karen Armstrong: Islam's Hagiographer And Apologist Extraordinaire

July 11, 2006

Breaking: Israel Army 'Enters Central Gaza'
CAIR: Just Another Pissant Islamofascist Apologist For Islamic Terror
At Least 100 Killed In Mumbai (Bombay, India) Train Bombings (Updated)
Bring Back the Neocons
Right Message - Wrong Story - Right Context
'Lab-made sperm' fertility hope?
Mongolian Hotties Prepare To Show Their Stuff
Video: British Islamist Defends London bombings
Senate Immigration Bill Will Hamper Police From Enforcing Immigration Laws

July 10, 2006

Why Democracies? here's Why
Palestininian Authority Ideology Portrays Palestinians As Jesus
Progressive Jihadism - Women And Children As Suicide Bombers
Dead Jews Don't Count
About That Hoekstra Letter - What The NYT Left Out And The WaPo Added
Four US soldiers charged in Iraq rape-murder (Updated)

July 9, 2006

BBC Bans The Word - 'Dhimmi'
'The Palestinians Have Once Again Proven They Are The Most Stupid Of All Arabs'
NYC Tunnel Qaeda Plotter Had Strong Detroit Hezbollah, Palestinian Ties
What's This About Another Clinton Pardonite Having Connections To The Clinton Family?
'Dead Man's Chest' Has Largest Opening In Hollywood History ?
Iran Tells IAEA Chief El-Baradei To Fire Inspector 'That Knew Too Much' - And He Does! (The IAEA Tried To Prevent Publication Of This Article) Updated

July 8, 2006

Israel Pursuing Palestinians - With Warplanes And Tanks

July 7, 2006

Did China Order N Korean Missile Launches?
Iraq Was Hiding Chemical Weapons Facilities in 1999
Is Islam Misrepresented? Perhaps Not!
North. Korea Missile Targeted Hawaii: Will The Bush Administration Respond Any Better Than The Inept Team of Albright, Carter, and Clinton?
Iraqi Forces Finally Focus On Sadr City
Calcium Supplementation Aids Weight Loss In Middle Age
HarryTho 7/8 Natalee Holloway Commentary

July 6, 2006

Queer Marriage Banned By New York And Geogia High Courts
Islam or Death?
Hamas' Pathological Dependence On Hating Israel
The Statue of Liberation Through Christ
On Iranian Interference In Iraq - Isn't It Time To Order A Cease And Desist, Or Else, And Then Deliver The Else?
Is North Korea Preparing To Launch More Missile Tests?
Islam: What The West Needs To Know - Opening Tomorow

July 5, 2006

Grandson Alert - Posting Delay (Updated)
The Iran-North Korea Connection

July 4, 2006

North Korea Defies West And Launches Six Missiles, Including Taepodong 2
Happy Independence Day America
On 'The Fisking of E.J. Dionne' And The Left's Delusions Of The Meanings Of Patriotism
Iranian Missle Engineers Visited North Korea To Gather Info On Taepodong-2 Missle Launce
Israel To Palestinian Islamic Terrorists: If Shalit Is Killed, 'The Sky Will Fall'
High Court Intervenes In Fight Over 29-Foot Cross In San Diego

July 3, 2006

Scientists Possibly Discover How Man Awoke From 19 Years In 'Vegetative State'
Delayed Posting Today
When Do We Publish a Secret? Whenever we Damn Well Feel Like it, Morons!

July 2, 2006

More Inconvenient Truth About Gore's Inconvenient Truth
On The Arrogance And Pseudo-Naiveté Of The Media In A Time Of War
Islam Then And Now: 'Using Political Correctness To Protect Islamists And Limit Free Speech'
A Lesson For America: 'Israel Will Either Defeat Is Enemies Or Be Defeated By Them'
The New York Times, Public Enemy Number One?

July 1, 2006

IAF Warplanes Strike Haniyeh's Office in Gaza - So Where's The 'Real' Palistinian Control?
Bin-Laden Says Will Take Fight To America
Israel To Hamas: No Deal!
Gaza - A Proper Perspective