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June 17, 2006

Woman's ID Stolen by Dozens of Suspected Illegals

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

Sadly, the case of Audra Schmierer isn't unusual, so read and take note:

One woman's Social Security identification number has been used by at least 81 people in 17 states. Though impossible to verify in every case, information gleaned from criminal investigations, tax documents and other sources suggest most of the users were probably illegal immigrants trying to get work.

Audra Schmierer, a 33-year-old housewife in this affluent San Francisco suburb, realized she had a problem in February 2005, when she got a statement from the IRS saying she owed $15,813 in back taxes - even though she had not worked since her son was born in 2000. Perhaps even more surprising, the taxes were due from jobs in Texas.

Schmierer has since found that her Social Security number has been used by people from Florida to Washington state, at construction sites, fast-food restaurants and even major high-tech companies. Some opened bank accounts using the number.

The federal government took years to discover the number was being used illegally, but authorities took little action even then.

"They knew what was happening but wouldn't do anything," said Schmierer. "One name, one number, why can't they just match it up?"

Her case is an example of an increasingly common problem: Many thieves are able to steal personal information because employers do not have to verify Social Security numbers or other documents submitted by job seekers.

Although both the Senate and House of Representatives have passed immigration-reform bills that call for employers to verify Social Security numbers in a national database, as of now everyone that's reading this is subject to joining Audra Schmierer, thousands of others, along with a growing number of others, who are having their social security number used by illegal aliens.

How many tacos and burritos have you bought in Texas today?

Hat tip - Harry Owens

Agencies won't share immigration evidence - In Utah, after Social Security provided data for one criminal probe, investigators discovered that Social Security numbers of 2,000 children were being used by other people. ... The IRS doesn't fine even the most egregious employers who repeatedly submit inaccurate data about their workers. Social Security does virtually nothing to alert citizens whose Social Security numbers are being used by others.

Some thoughts on 'No Illegal Alien Left Behind' - Sen. John McCain (Republican) voted for legislation that would pay illegal aliens Social Security benefits -- even though many are guilty of identity theft because they are using stolen Social Security numbers of other American citizens.

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Posted by Richard at June 17, 2006 10:06 PM

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