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June 12, 2006

What's Up With Nifong's 'Duke Rape Case'

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p1_nifong_2_0411.jpg... The short answer to that question is who the hell knows, except Michael B. Nifong, the district attorney for Durham County, N.C., who began the case in the middle of a political campaign that saw an opening salvo of what the NYT calls an "aggressive, unflinching and very public investigation."

Since then, as my Uncle Ben use to say - "we ain't heard diddley squat" from Nifong.

Now, I'm no lawyer, but it's begining to look like the only rape that's occured in this case is Nifong's rape of justice for three Duke lacrosse players Nifong called "hooligans" on national television while saying everything but declaring them guilty - long before all the evidence was in, and while refusing to hear or even look at a plethora of evidence to the contrary from the defendents:

[...] When a woman hired to dance at a Duke University lacrosse team party claimed that members of the team raped her, Michael B. Nifong, the district attorney for Durham County, responded with an aggressive, unflinching and very public investigation.

"There's no doubt in my mind that she was raped and assaulted at this location," Mr. Nifong said on national television after the case surfaced in March. Mr. Nifong called other lacrosse players "hooligans" who had aided, abetted or covered up for the rapists. Local police officers seemed equally certain that they had a horrific crime to solve.

But in the intervening months, the case has come to appear far less robust. Three players have been indicted, but evidence that has surfaced, much of it turned over to defense lawyers by prosecutors and then filed in court with defense motions, has thrown the woman's claims into doubt. Mr. Nifong, so vocal at first, has refused to speak publicly about the case since the beginning of April.

The result is a growing perception of a case in trouble. Increasingly, the onus is on the district attorney. People in Durham are asking what Mr. Nifong is up to, whether his prosecution was influenced by politics -- he was in the midst of a campaign when the case began -- and what other evidence he might have.

Read more on this at the NYT...

At this point, Nifong's case looks like it has more holes than swiss cheese, and the only one that's done any raping is a big headed Nifong who started off with diarrhea of the mouth, but has since suffered a severe case of constipation.

Posted by Richard at June 12, 2006 6:39 AM

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