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June 12, 2006

Unlikely That IDF Shell Killed Palestinians On Beach

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

Although the media had a field day with the story and blamed an errant artillary shell for the deaths of the Palestinians killed by an explosion on a Gaza beach, showing a video of the tragic image of a little girl heartbroken over her father's body, an IDF probe investigating the deaths has concluded that chances were slim that the accident was caused by IDF shelling:

According to Channel 2, the findings, expected to be formally released on Tuesday, showed an inconsistency between the shrapnel found in the body of one of the wounded babies and the metal used in IDF artillery.

Moreover, the investigation noted the absence of a large enough crater at the site of the explosion, as would be expected if an IDF shell had landed there.

The third observation casting doubt on the possibility of IDF shelling was the gap between the time when the army shot the artillery and when the commotion on the beach began. According to the probe's findings, several minutes past after the shelling, before the Palestinians on the beach reacted.

It appears that if these findings prove to be true, the media may have once again got it all wrong while eagerly pushing their anti-Israel agenda.

Hat tip - Captains Quarters - with more commentary

Posted by Richard at June 12, 2006 11:30 PM

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