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June 15, 2006

Spanish immigration update

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

The number of immigrants entering illegally in Spain is rising extremely quick. According to the State Secretary for Immigration:

At May 2nd 2006 691.655 appliances were received for obtaining a legal documentation, of which we have resolved favourably 577.049. As at the beginning of this process, Febrary 7th 2005, the census indicated that in Spain there were circa 1.350.000 illegal foreigners, the quantity of illegals now is near 770.000. We would have to add the illegals which are not even shown in the census, that, according with NGO's are between 100.000 and 150.000 people.
The lack of a rational political project, which would consist on assuring the legality of the immigrants' situation has caused that the 73% of all the criminals imprisoned during 2005 were foreigners. This has caused an outstanding overpopulation in Spanish prisons, in which there are barely one civil servant for each 150 imprisoned.

Spanish Foreign Affairs Secretary Bernardino León, went to negotiate the repatriation of the illegals from Canary Islands to their countries of origin. But the process was interrupted when the illegals saw they were carried to Senegal instead to the the Peninsula. First they protested because they were "handcuffed and misled about the place they were being carried". Then they asked for "visas" to return to Spain or "death", blocking the roads and burning tires in Dakar.

The Government of Senegal denounced a "planetary injustice since the beginning of time", using the same words with which PM Zapatero described the global situation in an article published by The Financial Times. The Senegalese Government has also asked for money in exchange for letting the illegal alliens being repatriated.

But not only the Government is asking for money. We have known that the police is paying 300 euros to each immigrant to prevent them from rioting, while the policemen are earning only 120 for this same service. Then these illegal alliens are carried, without identification nor papers, to cities in the Peninsula, which overwhelmingly are ruled by Popular Party (right).
* Madrid, 3.527 subsaharans.
* Andalucía :Algeciras, 120; Málaga, 880
* Catalonia 350
* Murcia (282) y
* Comunidad Valenciana (241)
Except Algeciras and Catalonia the rest are ruled by PP.
Canary Islands has received till June, 7.500 illegal immigrants, 2.500 more than in the entire last year.
Lastly, the worst problem of all is that, because they are not controlled, Spain is importing criminal ways from abroad. The South-American ways of kidnapping, consisting in obliging the victim to give little amounts of money from cash deposits and inmediate release in less than a day but with death menaces, have arrived in Spain:

The Madrid prosecutor's office reported earlier this year that seven express kidnapping gangs were captured by police during 2005. There were 147 kidnappings in Madrid alone last year - although prosecutors were unable to say how many of them were express kidnappings. They said many kidnappings were not reported to the police.

But also another kind of assaults:
Crime groups from Eastern Europe and the Balkans daunt the tourists along the Spanish coast, as well as the residents of the rich quarters in the Spanish cities, Serbian newspaper Blic reads today citing Spanish media.This topic is also commented by Der Spiegel which points out that the members of the crime groups are mainly "former policemen or officers from Romania, Bulgaria, Kosovo and the former USSR." Thegang members point a gun at their victims and make them tell the codesof their safes or their credit card PINs.The groups are using unseenviolence, mostly inland, where the crime rate is low as a whole.Additional police teams have already been sent to the threatened areaswhich include Valencia and Catalonia.

In fact, here the police speaks that assault commandos, trained in Eastern countries, are the culprits of the "assaults" on detached houses. Normally they assault the ones which are more retired from highways, cities or places with high concentrations of people.

Posted by Eurabian at June 15, 2006 5:02 PM

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