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June 29, 2006

Palestinians Suffering From Their Own Culture

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"Walla, what did hamas expect, they should stop acting like children, and then cry for the world to help them after they get themselves into trouble. The people in gaza have enough troubles than to be occupied again due to the stupid, irresponsible actions of hamas idiots." - (Al Arabiya comment translated by Egyptian Sandmonkey)
[Image: 22 year-old Hamas mother/suicide bomber]

mother bomber.jpgThe above comment, originally written in Arabic, is the most astute analysis of the Gaza situation I've seen so far, and makes far more since than any talking head or media opinion I've seen in the last year. The Palestinians have allowed themselves to evolve into a culture that goes from one corrupt leadership to another, from one crisis to another, from looking to one handout to looking for another, and from using one excuse for a failed society - to yet another. And yes, they're doing it yet again.

One would almost believe that the Palestinians love misery. If not, why continue to allow a culture of hate, violence, corruption, and terrorism - not only flourish, but actually grow exponentially to the point that they democratically elect a government of known terrorists with no intentions for peace with their most important neighbor, Israel.

The Palestinians are our fellow human beings, and some of them, those that don't buy into the Islamists' ideology of jihad, love and want to protect their children (of course this doesn't apply to the parents of these children and the mothers that send their children off with suicide vests). They want a better life for their families, and as fellow human beings, they deserve it. However, why is it that everything is either Israel's fault, America's fault, or someone else's fault? What have they done for themselves lately? They say they want peace but elect a government that refuses to even recognize their neighbor that they most need to have peace with! They elect a leadership that is so divided that the current crisis within Gasa is the result of a Hamas leader that resides outside their territory in Syria (exiled Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal). They allow an act to be carried out from their soil that can only be construed by Israel as an act of war, after all, what else would you call an attack by one country's government (Hamas) on the military of the other? Of course this doesn't even take into account the not-so-little matter of not only kidnapping an Israeli citizen, but murdering him in cold blood and then bragging about it.

Call me confused, call me late to lunch, but don' try to convince me that the poor suffering Palestinians don't know what's going on in their own neighborhoods and their own government.

Do they deserve better? You bet they do. But until they are willing to stop supporting terrorism, stop looking for handouts from every one else in the world, start demanding peace and recognition of their neighbor's right to exist, and start prosecuting terrorists as the murdering thugs that they are - the IDF action in Gaza now is but a warm-up, and the Israelis have little choice then to take the opportunity to clean out the terrorists as best they can.

Is the soldier an excuse or the reason for the incursion? Perhaps a little of both. But unfortunately, a Palestinian culture of self pity, corruption, terrorism, hatred, and an inability to look within their society and within themselves for solutions, has greatly contributed to the situation they now find themselves in.

In short, why are the rest of us on the planet responsible for the Palestinians when they themselves contribute to a never-ending cycle of violence, misery, and suffering - that by the Arab world's choosing, extends throughout the entire Middle East.

The Palestinians: Cult Of Suicide - Culture Of Failure
The Culture of Martyrdom

Posted by Richard at June 29, 2006 11:14 AM

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