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June 22, 2006

Notice Of Delayed Posting (Updated)

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Since I'm the primary poster today, and am about to leave for the hospital, there will be a delay in further posting for a while. I hope to be able to come home and get back to posting later today.

I apologize to all for the break in posting - I just have this little MS thingy to deal with, which sometimes gets a little out of hand. Usually, it just makes life a little more interesting and challenging, however today, it's almost bizare.

Since I'm a Marine (long ago turned civilian), I go to the VA - haviing years ago used up all of my Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage, and having become uninsurable. Although you may not know it - all private insurance has a lifetime cap - mine was one million dollars, which was used up over a period of nine years from numerous long-term stays in the hospital, and several expensive surgeries. Thank God for the VA, which I refused to use for many years, not wanting to have anything to do with what I considered to be a handout, a freebe - besides, I could afford to pay for private insurance, and did. However, after getting a letter from BCBS several years ago, telling me that it's been nice but it's all over - no more coverage, I went to the VA and I'm damned glad I did. They'e been fantastic, and since my VA is in cahoots with a medical school, the care I've received is sine qua non, without it I'd be dead for sure.

Anyway, a friend is here now to take me to the hospital (usually I drive myself - I've got hand controls and other neat stuff that help me drive with my wheelchair), so we'll close up shop for what I hope to be just a few hours. So many times in the past I've gone there and not returned for weeks on end, so I'm always reticent about gong, and this time is no different. But I look at it as just another day, and a beautiful one at that. After all, I'm still alive, and that's a good thing!

Update: With a little luck, am home for the night - then back in the AM. So I'll be cranking back up on posting for a while - I'll try to catch up.

Posted by Richard at June 22, 2006 8:30 AM

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