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June 2, 2006

Nothing New From Iran - It's Just More News Like Before, Just A Little Closer To A Gobal Nuclear War With Islamists Everywhere

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Let's just call this more scary stuff...

Because believe it or not .... this is a picture of people shouting anti-U.S. slogans during Friday prayers today in Tehran:


and It surely doesn't appear that there's much "praying" going on ....

While Iranian officials tell the U.S. to park their proposals where the sun doesn't shine:

A senior Iranian nuclear official signaled Tehran's determination on Friday to press on with its nuclear work, despite facing what Washington called a "moment of truth" over a program that could produce atomic weapons.

The remarks by Mohammad Saeedi, deputy head of
Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, suggested Tehran may have already decided to reject offers of incentives and negotiations from six of the world's top powers in return for ending atomic fuel activities.

... and things continue to get down right scary!

It does indeed appear that maybe Laura Mansfield was right. Have we already received a final warning from Iran's Islamist rulers?

So when are Bush and Blair going to finally realize that Ahmadinejad and the mullahs in Iran have absolutely no intention whatsoever of stopping or even slowing down their ongoing race to develop nuclear weapons?

None of us in the West won't it, few of us realize that it's coming, and even fewer are prepared to accept it, but war with Iran is already inevitable, there's no stopping it, Iran and it's version of Islam has already committed itself to the destruction of the non-Muslim world. The only question that now remains unanswered is whether that war is with or without nuclear weapons. Waiting assures a nuclear war, whereas a preemptive battle against Iran prevents a nuclear war. Which do we prefer? If we wait much longer, we may have no say in the matter!

Posted by Richard at June 2, 2006 12:59 PM

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