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June 28, 2006

"Look Ma! That Democrat is not wearing any clothes, and now I can see that underneath he's a traitor!"

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

It seems that after forty years of being spoon-fed a daily dose of moral relativism and political correctness by those politicians, bureaucrats, and the so-called elite media, who have collectively advanced their secular progressive, multi-culturalist, leftist agenda, the American people have finally had enough. The American public are opening their eyes, and like the child in the tale of "The Emperor's New Clothes," have finally cut through the inhibitions of the indoctrination to which they have been subjected for so long, to see the naked truth, calling an apple an apple, an orange an orange, and a traitor a "traitor." In the mounting public outrage over the latest treasonous actions by the New York Times - the exposing of the government's Finance-Monitoring program which tracked the international movement of funds by terrorists and those who support them in order to thwart them, we are now finally hearing from the public the word treason," and even from the "politically correct" halls of the Senate!

In revealing and making public more sensitive information on our anti-terrorist countermeasures, seemingly for no other reason than to push a liberal political agenda, the New York times has provided once again to Al Qaeda and all those bent on attacking and destroying America, an invaluable service no amount of intelligence gathering on their part could have ever provided them more accurately and effortlessly! You may as well say that, just like the Weekly Standard is "...required reading in the White House and the Capitals of Europe", the New York Times must be "required reading" in every cave and rat-hole where Osama and the terrorists hide"! It must be rapidly becoming the English language newspaper with the greatest circulation in the Islamist world!

Not long ago, surrounded by a veritable sea of "political correctness," people like myself, who were outraged by the consistent treasonous behavior of such as Kennedy, Kerry, Durbin and their ilk, or of one of their instruments of "leftist propaganda" such as the New York Times or the Elite Media, felt as if they were "...the voice of one crying in the desert" every time we called them "traitors." Nobody seemed to heed.

At the time many people, due to the 40 years of brainwashing we have been subjected to by the left and the media, thought the appellation "too harsh." Others, like that Democratic leftist lap-dog of Alan Colmes of "Hannity and Colmes," whined (even as he does to this day) that the "cut- and -runners," the pro insurgent "anti-war protesters," and all those leftists and Democrats who wish us to loose in Iraq - calling at every step of the way upon the ghost of Viet Nam to emulate it - out of the sheer political hatred they have for the current Administration, are not traitors, but quote: "Patriots with a differing opinion." If that is the case, then we might as well say that Benedict Arnold was but a "Patriot with a differing opinion"!!!

Out that political opportunist Valerie Plame and her "Beau" Wilson, and the howling from all those hypocrite leftists and Democrats calling for the blood of the President, Vice President, "Scooter" Libby and other advisors, and indeed the whole of the White House staff, is deafening, as they froth rabidly from their snarling mouths; repeatedly out sensitive information about the government's anti-terrorist operations abroad and counter-terrorist intelligence gathering programs, as the New York Times has, and those very same frothing at the mouth individuals, call it the "exercising of our 'Freedom of Speech' " - that most "Sacred of Cows" behind which every American "Fifth Columnist" hides to relentlessly undermine America in order to achieve their goal of supplanting our traditional social order and political system with their "socialist utopias," at which they have been slowly but surely working at for over two generations now!

Meantime, while the nation grows increasingly indignant about this latest act by the New York Times that is unquestionably against the security interests of the nation, even calling for a grand jury investigation and the criminal prosecution of those involved in the leak, on a lighter side it is rumored - especially after the Constitutional Amendment criminalizing the burning of our Flag was defeated by a single vote in the Senate yesterday, again guaranteeing to all those who wish to desecrate, burn, and destroy everything we hold sacred, dear, and love in America the "right" to do so, shielded by the First Amendment - that after the Flag vote, an elated Senator Kennedy, lamenting that the government's Finance-Monitoring program, revealed by the Times, infringed upon the civil rights of the terrorists, and unduly crippled their finances, is organizing a Democratic National Committee fundraiser Bar-B-Que to raise funds for Al Qaeda in compensation!

The event will feature as a main course "Bar-B-Qued Viet Nam Chicken" which will be cooked by John Kerry over burning American flags, made by Mexican illegal immigrants in L.A. sweat shops at below minimum wage, with imported materials from China, which Barbara Boxer will provide. When asked about the proposed event Senator Dianne Feinstein responded that she thought, based on her experience, that it would turn out to be "a very gay affair."

Most of the Democratic Caucus is expected to eagerly attend!

Posted by Althor at June 28, 2006 5:09 PM

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