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June 26, 2006

IDF: Kidnapped Israeli Soldier Held By Senior Hamas Officials - Looks Like Palestinian Leadership Really 'Stepped In It' This Time (Updated)

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Israeli tanks.jpg
[Image: IDF APCs and tanks gathering near the Gaza border on Monday. (AP)]

Update: Fox News has just reported that Israeli PM Olmert has ordered IDF tanks to prepare to go into Gaza. Unless Corporal Shalit is released unharmed, and quickly, Hamas and the PA will soon be seeing Israeli tanks outside their doors.

Corporal Shalit was a member of the crew of a tank stationed just outside the border of Gaza, when gunmen from Hamas and other armed groups attacked their IDF position early Sunday morning. Two members of the tank crew were killed, a third seriously wounded, and Gilad, also wounded, was taken captive and brought across the border into the Gaza Strip. Now, it's bound to be obvious to the Palestinian leadership that they have really "stepped in it" this time, and they are about to experience a really big wake-up call from the IDF:

Israel massed troops today along the Gaza Strip border in preparation for what Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said would be a "broad and ongoing'' operation against Palestinian militants following the abduction of an Israeli soldier.

Olmert issued the threat as Israeli and Palestinian officials furiously worked diplomatic channels to gain the release of Cpl. Gilad Shalit, a dual French-Israeli citizen who was seized in a cross-border raid on Sunday.

Speaking to a tourism conference in Jerusalem, Olmert said Israel's patience was wearing thin and that he held the entire Palestinian leadership responsible for Shalit's safety.

"I gave the orders to our military commanders to prepare the army for a broad and ongoing military operation to strike the terrorist leaders and all those involved,'' he said. "It should be clear. There will be immunity for no one.''

It looks like we're about to find out if Hamas really has those WMDs they have bragged about, and whether they do or don't, this could be the absolute end of the Palestinians delusion of nationhood, for many years to come. As for the Palestinian Authority - it's time for them to bend way over and kiss it goodbye! To which I add - good riddance.

Posted by Richard at June 26, 2006 8:42 AM

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