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June 29, 2006

Has the battle with illegal immigration already been lost?

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

One banal characteristic of the American public at large is its short attention span.

Barely over a month ago most Americans were outraged by the illegals brazenly protesting down the streets of many of our cities, demanding with insolence and arrogance that we grant them amnesty and a path to citizenship, threatening to cripple our economy with the much touted but ineffectual May 1 "walkout" by illegal workers - from the jobs they held "illegally," managing only to shut down some hispanic businesses and ethnic restaurants, a few Mc Donald's, and three or four meat packing plants across the nation. The walkout served only to debunk the allegations by pro-unfettered illegal immigration proponents that if we were to deport the 11 to 20 million illegal aliens now amongst us (mostly from Mexico), it would cripple our economy.

Americans watched indignant with mounting rage the swarms of protesters on our TV screens, waving Mexican flags and Ché T-shirts in our faces, claiming that this land belonged to them and not to us, saying quote: "We did not cross the border, the border crossed us."

As a result, there was a sizeable backlash that seemed to have finally awoken America to the harsh reality of the undeclared war being waged from south of the border against us, especially by Mexico, which unable to reclaim the American Southwest militarily, is yet doing so through a relentless demographic invasion...a veritable infestation which is permeating the fabric of our society all throughout America regardless of where you live!!!

Yet, today everything mostly seems to be back to "business as usual":

The same illegal aliens that walked out on McDonald's on May 1st are back behind the counter, or have been replaced by other "illegal" Mexican aliens.

The packing houses are back employing them plucking chickens and cutting pork.

Most illegals keep working the same jobs they had before - waiting our tables, mowing our lawns, waiting on the "Rich and Famous" in Hollywood, etc.

They live in the same places as they did before - in unsanitary conditions, twenty of them to a two bedroom apartment, sharing expenses, while driving the cost of housing for low income Americans through the roof, impoverishing our neighborhoods and destroying them with crime and gang violence.

Overwhelming our schools and degrading our education to the point that some high school graduates can not pass an eighth grade exit exam in California (doesn't even help to test them in Spanish since most are illiterate in their supposed "native" language too).

Skyrocketing the price of our health care because of the services provided them at emergency rooms all across America, the tab for which insured patients and local authorities must pick up eventually in the end.

Abusing the same public services that in the past they have almost driven into bankruptcy in many communities.

And moving freely across the country with impunity, as proven by the illegal aliens on their way to Manassas, Va. recently apprehended by local authorities in Ohio, who had to be released because Immigration Officials simply refused to detain them!

This, ironically enough, after Bush had some photo-ops at the southern border with agents of the Border Patrol, promising outraged Americans from the soap box he was going to put the foot down on "enforcing current immigration laws and securing our border", and after ICE carried out some much publicized raids on big companies hiring illegals, where dozens of illegal aliens were detained, only to be released out in the streets once again after the news crews were gone and the cameras had stopped rolling!

Oh yes! We are definitely going to stop this wave of humanity invading us across our southern border with such half-hearted, ambivalent measures! So much for the President's "putting down the foot" on illegal immigration!!!

But what is most striking to me, no matter on which side of this controversy anyone may be, or how much we may choose to look the other way, is how much this illegal invasion from south of the border has already changed the fabric of our society in many of our communities all across the country!

The other day my car broke down so I took the bus. It had been years since I had last used public transportation, and the first thing that struck me when I got on, sat down, and looked around me was: My God! There were only two white people on the bus, an Anglo looking man and myself! As a matter of fact blacks were as scarce as well - only an elderly black lady sitting by me. Yet the bus was packed full, with brown skinned, Mexican looking "mestizos" people! And it just struck me, that regardless of the politicians in Washington, the pro-unfettered illegal immigration proponents, or of how well we secure our borders in the future, unless we have the courage as Americans to enforce our immigration laws and "deport" all these illegal aliens amongst us, they have already won, the damage has been done, and they in fact have already changed the face of America in many places!!!

Unless Americans have the courage to face that most troubling and sensitive issue of repatriating all these illegals in our midst, deporting them, no matter how distasteful we may find such "draconian" measures, the damage will become irreversible, and instead of hearkening back to the days of Andy Griffith and "Mulberry," we'll simply slip into becoming the worlds most affluent "Banana Republic"!

I sat in the bus and rode away, hoping I would make it to my intended destination, and not get off the bus only to realize I was no longer in America, but lost in some street of Tegucigalpa!

Posted by Althor at June 29, 2006 6:57 AM

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