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June 1, 2006

Hamas Media Publication Features Child Urinating On Statue Of Liberty

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

The current issue of the Hamas weekly newspaper, Al-Risala, features a cartoon of a child urinating on the Statue of Liberty and holding a book entitled "Democracy." Apparently, this is what the Palestinians think of the freedoms inherent in democracy, and of the United States.

liberty Risala 25 May 2006.jpg

More Palestinian cartoons of the Statue of Liberty, include [see images here] :

  • Palestinian child urinating on the Statue of Liberty
  • The Statue of Liberty as a suicide terrorist
  • The Statue of Liberty's torch igniting the world's fires
  • The Statue of Liberty as a prostitute
  • The Statue of Liberty being imprisoned by the FBI and CIA
  • The Statue of Liberty as an evil Condoleezza Rice, representing Israel
  • The Statue of Liberty destroyed with Superman at the "Gates of Baghdad"
  • The Statue of Liberty symbol as a heroic Palestinian woman. However, instead of representing freedom, the defiant Palestinian Statue represents violence and terror, wears a crown of machines guns and holds an infant grasping a stone.
Interestingly, except for this week's Hamas cartoon, all the previous cartoons denigrating the US symbol of freedom were in newspapers controlled by Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah party.

That this continues after more than a decade of effort on the part of the Clinton and Bush administrations to broker a workable peace accord that could pave the way to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state and an end to the Middle East's most notorious, ongoing dilemma, speaks more to the Palestinian culture of death than to any failure on the part of the U.S. and the West to help the Palestinian people become a free and open society within their own nation.

Given the degree to which the Palestinian Authority (PA) has, for years, systematically infused its subjects' hearts (and minds) with violent bigotry, there is reason to wonder whether the current Palestinian population possesses the moral or ethical foundation necessary to pursue peaceful coexistence with Israel. The generations of Palestinians already raised on this steady diet of hate may in fact be lost forever - incapable of truly accepting such coexistence even under the most favorable terms imaginable.
At least some of the Palestinian anger toward the U.S. likely has to do with them wanting more American dollars to spend as they wish, which historically has been used solely for the benefit of those in power, often for funding terrorists and weapons, with little going to the people it has been meant to help. Let's recall that Arafat died a very rich man.

Also, leaders of Hamas have condemned the EU's decision to freeze aid to the Palestinian Authority (a decision viewed by the Palestinians as influenced by the U.S.) as "wrong and unjust" and say it's part of an Israeli plot to "starve and besiege" the Palestinians. Of course Hamas chooses to ignore the fact that it could resolve the problem immediately by committing itself to non-violence, recognizing Israel and abiding by previous peace agreements with the Jewish state.

How the PA makes suicide bombers
Aid and the Palestine Financial Crisis: A viewpoint on an ongoing debate (A Palestinian's viewpoint)

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Posted by Richard at June 1, 2006 3:21 PM

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