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June 5, 2006

'Flood' Of New Cancer Drugs To Soon Hit Market

Topics: Medicine

cancer2.jpgFor cancer patients, the flood of new drugs that are headed to the market is generally good news - it means a better chance of finding one, or a combination, that will work.

About 400 cancer drugs from 178 companies are in clinical trials, according to the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association. That is twice the number of drugs in trials for illnesses like Alzheimer's disease and depression and nearly three times as many as for heart attack and stroke.
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The large number of new drugs looks promising, but it just may be even more promising than it seems, especially since the cancer treatment regimen is getting closer to the AIDS model, where a patient can be kept alive for years with a combination of drugs. In other words - drug cocktails are in ... and they're working.

Posted by Richard at June 5, 2006 3:11 PM

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