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June 7, 2006

Bush Not Convincing Public On Illegals

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

President Bush's "comprehensive" plan for immigration reform just isn't cutting it with voters, and push as he may, the "path to citizenship" is less important than security. About half of those surveyed in the new poll by MWR Strategies saying the immigration problem facing the U.S. is "too much immigration," while just 29 percent identified the problem as "not enough assimilation."

Even Mr. Bush's own pollster, in another recent poll, failed to ask about a pathway to citizenship, instead focusing on temporary legal status for illegal aliens -- a concept Mr. Bush no longer endorses

It seems quite safe to say that, as the poll suggests, the president is clearly moving in the wrong direction by embracing a path to citizenship. Voters don't want it, it focuses on an entirely wrong solution for a very difficult and compex problem. Let's face it, voters believe we need less immigration, not more.

Posted by Richard at June 7, 2006 6:59 AM

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