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June 27, 2006

Bush Consoles Russia, Ignores Barbaric Slaughter Of PFCs Kristian Menchaca And Thomas Tucker

Topics: Our Nation's Warriors in the war on terror

Yesterday, the president spoke out against the terrible senseless slaughter of Russian diplomats by Al-Qaeda (HT - Gateway Pundit). However, the president has yet to publicly condemn the brutal torture, murder, and mutilation of two American soldiers by the same inhuman murdering radical Islamic terrorist Al-Qaeda dogs in Iraq.

Where is his outrage over the killing of our own troops?

So far, the most aggressive expression of outrage I've heard over the butchering of our soldiers has come from E.D. Hill on Fox News - and she does one hell of a good job of it:

In this video, E.D. Hill from Fox and Friends asks: "Where's the outrage? Where are all of the editorial writers? Where are all of the politicians who had their 'Panties in a bunch' over Gitmo? Where are the Saudis, Where's Murtha, Where are the Muslim countries, ... our troops in uniform, ... where's all the talk about the Geneva Convention, ... their hearts cut out, private parts stuffed in their mouths, butchered..... and more..."

Which brings us to the next question: Where's our outrage over the lack of outrage from the president of the United States?

Posted by Richard at June 27, 2006 2:25 PM

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