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June 11, 2006

Allah Unhappy With Ahmadinejad - 'Iran fails to improve on their record of only one victory in the World Cup'

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ahmadinejad.jpgWhile 1,000 exiles and Israel supporters marched against their government outside the stadium, Iran's World Cup team had their clocks cleaned by Mexico (3-1) inside the Frankenstadion today.

The teams were tied at 1-1 in the 76th minute of the game, at which time Mexico decided to show up and the Iranians ran out of gas.

I refer to Allah here only because had the Iranians won, I have no doubt that AhMADinejad would have spouted Islamodribble about Allah's will. After all, we ARE talking about a guy that views himself as the vassal of the Mahdi, working for him and being accountable to him, and who frequently visits the well (where the Mahdi hides) and drops his written supplications into the well for the hidden Mahdi to act upon them. AhMADinejad believes his main task is to prepare the world so to hasten the Mahdi's coming. If this preparation requires much destruction and bloodshed, so be it.

Related: Publius Pundit - Despite the presence of the regime's vice-president at the stadium, tens of Iranian fans cheered their team but also staged a significant anti-regime protest (has images of fans and protestors at stadium).

Posted by Richard at June 11, 2006 6:44 PM

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