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June 17, 2006

Ahmadinejad 'Weighing Proposal' Or 'Iran Buying Time While Secretly Developing A Nuclear Bomb'

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showdown4.gifWhy am I not surprised that the first story on Iran I see this morning is the WaPo article on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad statement Friday that an international proposal designed to restart negotiations on Iran's nuclear program constitutes "a step forward" and his government will respond "in due time" ? As is tpical for the WaPo and the majority of the MSM, their Islamo-appeasing title is "Iran leader weighing proposal," as if we are to await with bated breath Ahmadinejad's serious consideration of a proposal that he is, with one hundred percent certainty, going to reject.

Translated from 'Iranianese' to plain English, Ahmadinejad's statement that he is "studying the proposal" means nothing more than "Excuse us while we stall for more time to accelerate our ongoing nuclear development program that the entire world knows is large and growing, and by the way, we know you 'suckas' are dumb enough and gullible enough to ignore our record of concealment and deceit that goes back at least 20 years."

The US and Khumainist Iran are on an a collision course. The ONLY question is timing, and whether we strike Iran's nuclear facilities very soon, or wait until they have nuclear bombs to hand out to their terrorist friends all over the world. No "awake" human being on the planet can think otherwise. Ahmadinejad and the new generation of his own country on a collision course too, the radicals in the region will likely align themselves with Ahmadinejad against the US. The road map to what is ahead is on the table. Now we need to factor the answers into a new US strategy. Striking or not, now or later, it's just a matter of strategy!

Meanwhile, as you read this Iran has pulled out all the stops and is speeding toward the bomb, while "studying proposals" from a gullible liberal West.

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Posted by Richard at June 17, 2006 7:07 AM

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